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  1. Hello all, My first ever post on this super site. I have a couple of 1887 Jubilee Medals, Metropilitan Police issue, one named to PC O. Freemantle J Division, the other to PC I Godding J Division. Neither have 1897 bars. I am aware J Division centred around Bethnal Green but I would love to learn more about the recipients. I hope some of you will be willing to help.
  2. This photo dates from the early years of WWII but can anyone pin it down to a year and battalion by identifying the cloth insignia diamond with a figure 8 in the centre that they wear on their upper sleeves please?
  3. Does anyone know of an older soldier to die while in uniformed service during the Great War? Our WWI project research in Norwich has turned up Captain Quartermaster George William Valentine Clements 1st Royal Dragoons who died on 3 March 1916 aged 85. CWGC stated he is one of the oldest known service deaths in WWI but we are trying to find out is he the oldest? Any more biographical details or a photograph of the man himself would be much appreciated. CWGC states he was the son of the late William and Charlotte Clements, of Norwich; husband of Jane Elizabeth Clements, of 3, Chapel Field North, Norwich, the husband of Jane Elizabeth Clements, of 3, Chapel Field North, Norwich. the entry also adds he served in the Crimean War, 1853-56 (Alma, Balaklava, Inkerman and Sebastopol) and Turkish Crimea Medal.
  4. Can anyone post the Albert Medal citation for CPO James Hendry RNAS (Action in November 1914) please? Second question....is there a roll for the Sir Charles Wakefield Medal awarded to the AA gun crews for shooting down Zeppelin L.15 in 1916 ?? Any help appreciated.
  5. Hi Everyone I have recently bought this photo postcard of Modder the Dog, resplendent with South African War Medals. Caption states 3rd Battalion Grenadiers Pet Dog 'Modder' - I would love to more about him - Can anyone help please? Best wishes Neil
  6. Thanks Gavin - A very helpful tip - will do!
  7. Thanks Mervyn and Chris. I don't have the Albert Medal but I do have a Wakefield Medal in box of issue. The research carries on!
  8. Thanks Mervyn - I shall post this in the research area
  9. Hi all Would anyone be kind enough to post the Albert Medal citation for CPO James Hendry RNAS (Action in November 1914, the award was announced in local newspapers in 1915). I would also like to know what is the correct medal grouping for Air Commodore Sir Egbert Cadbury DSC DFC including MiDs if he had them. Does anyone know if these are on display anywhere or if they are still with his family? Any help is appreciated. Best wishes, as ever Neil
  10. I would like to extend a very big thanks to Odulf and all those who have helped in this enquiry. You are all gentlemen indeed.
  11. In the action off Great Yarmouth on 3 November 1914 the following Royal Navy vessels were involved - would anyone be kind enough to tell me who was in command of each of them : HMS Halcyon HMS Lively HMS Leopard HMS Success Submarines E10, D5 and D3. Any help much appreciated. Best wishes Neil
  12. I have been asked by a dear friend to ask if anyone knows the location of a QSA named to John Henry Stokes, Army Service Corps. It is not stolen but lost or sold from the family many moons ago and she would like the chance to buy it back. Please help if you can, it would mean so much to her and her father.
  13. Thanks Michael - I have joined the forum you suggest and sincerely hope someone will be able to help.
  14. Many thanks to Mervyn, Peter and in particular thanks to Odulf for his kind offer. Yes, I would appreciate seeing the details from the RN list, I think it would be a good place to start and if I have no joy with further research online and at hand I will drop a line to the folks at the RN Museum.
  15. I am trying to purchase a nice example of a sectioned WWI 18 pdr artillery shell - can anyone suggest where I could get one in the UK please?
  16. No luck on Gunstar nor Dugup. Thanks for the suggestion Mervyn but having placed such requests with auction houses I have waited and waited and heard nothing only discover I had missed one in one of their recent sales. I can only assume my requests were put in the wickerwork filing cabinet. The items I want turn up infrequently and it really is not worth my paying out annual subs for catalogues. Even auction houses local to me, despite my leaving my name with them and spending considerable sums with them on certain items on occasion fail to contact again and again. It just lets the sellers down and disappoints potential buyers. Things have improved in recent years thanks to the internet but I remain to be convinced that auctioneers do as much as they could to reach serious buyers.
  17. I shall have a look - Many thanks for your help Chris.
  18. Hi Monty I have seen Met groups with all ranks wearing the 87 and 97 medals. I don't think the photos were mandatory but there would be orders given for dress such as 'medals will be worn' dress on certain occasions such as special parades, presentations etc when the photos would be taken.
  19. Many thanks for your lightening quick response Odin. I agree with your comments on the purchase of these medals too. I have used a military medal researcher for military research at TNA, could you suggest a reliable person who could look up the pension papers for me? I also heard there may be a book listing the Met Police recipeints of the 1887 Jubilee Medals - do you know the title and where it can be obtained? Best wishes and seasons greetings.
  20. Great quiz question Mervyn - you will all discover why I have such an interest in H and J Division of the Met if you recognise my Avatar! Big thanks to Odin for the additional information too. I have just acquired another pair: 1887 Jubilee with 1897 bar to PC G. Mardell H Division and a 1902 Coronation to PC G. Mardell R Division. If anyone would be kind enough to have a look through their records for anything about this PC I would, as ever, be grateful.
  21. Does anyone recognise the medal that this UK police officer is wearing? (Sorry cannot post larger - he is not wearing a helmet so sadly no clues there).
  22. I will do just that and get back with a posting as soon as I hear back. Neil.
  23. Owen - I think you have solved the mystery. Many thanks to all who have shared their thoughts. The quest now begins to find out who he was and what he did to be awarded the Salford Human Society Medal. Are there citations or a roll of recipients online or can they be found in a record office? The belt buckle will not enlarge from the original to be clear and legiable but what can be made out it could be Manchester Police, let me know your thoughts. Best wishes Neil
  24. Hi Mervyn I cannot load the whole image but I will gladly send the whole thing to you if you would like to e-mail me direct. The uniform worn by the subjcet of the photo certainly looks like a British policeman. Having been a collector for many years I am glad I am not the only one stumped by this medal. Best wishes Neil