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  1. I know of 12 of the Mk X and MK X* here in the UK in various states of repair in both private and museum hands regards Nigel
  2. Hi GreyC It belongs to me (private hands) the two photos are of the same wagon the day i got i(2008) and last year I restored the wagon used at the reburial at Fromelles also which is with the RLC museum, I partially restored one for a friend, and I brought and sold the iron work to another, Below is the Fromelles wagon as it left my house . kind regards Nigel
  3. I've got one and in one shape or another have had 3 others go through my hands kind regards
  4. Thank you id like one of those ,I'm sure one day one will pop up, kind regards Nigel
  5. Just For You , Do you have any West Kent Regiment or 50TH /97TH bits ? other than the Albert which id like to see a close up of if possible , kind regards Nigel
  6. Love your 50th Albert ! should be nestled amongst these know of a light company Albert to the 50th !
  7. Would look rather nice with these bits, However i think id like to buy that through one of the leading auction houses in London like Dix Noonan Webb, of great interest to me .