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  1. Yes, the eagle has a screw, I was thinking maybe a WWI helmet ornament? The para badge seems to be pretty standard, it has no regiment markings unfortunately, and no original pin at the back. Would you like some more photos of the Golden Jubilee Medal?
  2. Hello Pylon, thank you for your insight. I know, I don't feel comfortable selling this as genuine and potentially misleading someone I'm going to list it on ebay as 'suspected genuine' with a link to this thread and let people judge for themselves. These are other pieces that I have found in the same box: do they provide any clues? (obviously the driving award does not and I know about the National Fire Service badge ) The paratrooper badge looks cool to my amateur eye.
  3. Thank you very much for your time Robin. Based on comparing the details, it looks more like the original indeed. However, it does not have the little black thing where the medal is hinged. Also, it has no certificate or box, I found in a bundle of stuff I bought at a local auction...is there anyway the mint that produced these could certify it?
  4. Hello, I bought a Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee in a big bag of medals at a local auction. I have done some digging, and I am not sure whether this medal is genuine or a copy. It is not marked 'copy' and has quite soft lines on the gown and crown which I read in an old topic here are a characteristic of the original medal. However, that topic was from 2005 and I was unable to access reference pictures provided in that thread, so I decided to ask for help. Sorry for the second picture being so dark but I forgot to take it when photographing new items and had to shoot it later without my lighting setup. I hope an expert on here can help me identify the origin of this piece. Also, as I am not a collector but a reseller, I'd be grateful if somebody could provide me with a quote for the value of this medal, if it's genuine (offers welcome ) Thank you for your time!