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  1. Hi, I wonder if anybody would be able to help with deciphering my grandfather's service file that I have just received from the Army Personnel centre please?Most of it is self explanatory but there is one vital entry made 4 days after D Day that I'm a little confused about which I'm hoping one of you chaps will be able to shed some light on.It reads:(A) ORDERS OR OTHER AUTHORITY: 2E/21AG. 575/44, (B) UNIT: 3 BR. INF DIV OFP, © RECORD OF ALL CASUALTIES WHICH APPEAR IN PART II OR PART III ORDERS OR OTHER AUTHORITY, INCLUDING PERIODS OF LEAVE OF 48 HOURS OR MORE: EMBARKED UK 10 JUNE 44 TOS THIS UNIT ON POSTING FROM 11 OBD AUTHY ADOS 3 BR INF DIV LETTER 5/27/1(0) D/-15 APR 44I'm not sure what 2E refers to but I'm assuming 21 AG is 21st Army Group. Is 575/44 his company? 3 BR. INF DIV OFP I assume is 3rd Brigade, Infantry Division, Ordnance Field Park but the only infantry division referred to elsewhere in his file is 3rd Division which according to the brief research I've done so far didn't have a 3rd Brigade. (I humbly apologise to any veterans if I have got this wrong!) I would be extremely grateful if anyone can help here as this would enable me to pick up his trail for the rest of the war.