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  1. Ah ha, there could be a minimum post requirement. Maybe this, this fifth post, will meet suffice.
  2. ​Hi Patrick, there's something wrong with your message service. I tried to send you a note but the message "you have entered an invalid recipient" comes up. Or am I doing something wrong? Any ideas, Kevin ​
  3. Thanks for the help Patrick, I'm about to order the book you recommended. It's not available through local libraries so it must be quite rare. So that's what the '4c' represents! I have found two Medal Index Cards of Granddad's and I've wondered what the shorthand references mean. Do you know where I'd find a full explanation on how to interpret those cards? Yes, he had quite a colourful career; South Africa, Bermuda, Malta, Mauritius, West Africa and of course France. For much of this time he was an NCO. On top of that, when enlisting he changed his name and age so I'm having a huge job tracing him. Until recently, today as it happens, I had an account with Ancestry and it was there that I found a great deal of information including his army pension records. I'd love to see the records you've saved from Ancestry, there maybe something I've missed. Cheers, Kevin
  4. Good to hear from you Mervyn, I live in a country town named Bowral, in the New South Wales Southern Highlands, about one and a half hours drive south of Sydney. Kevin
  5. It looks as though my Grandfather was seconded to the West African Regiment between 11/01/1914 and 17/06/1915 and I’m having difficulty finding out very much at all about what he or his regiment did there. Albert Edward Oner (5139) was a Colour Sergeant with the Hampshire Regiment.