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  1. Hi Mrevyn, Poole is my home town; I can trace my family in Poole back to c1750, when I first became aware of them I realised that the Dolphin and Scallops on a Mace then it must be for the Town of Poole. Are you able to tell me anything more about them? Have they silver marks, or engraving? Where are they now and are they on public display? You can message me on FB Andrew Aux
  2. I think the probability is high that they, at some time, belonged to the Town of Poole, although legally they may not now belong to Poole. In the 1820 Poole was almost bankrupt (what’s new) and could be when the unpaid Poole Town Clerk, Thomas Parr, seized all the assets in lieu of payment of salary and they were removed then, some were "regained" but not necessarily all. It’s good to know they may still exist and have not been melted down for the silver, lets hope Poole can regain them and use them again in Poole