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  1. Found him. James King - born 27/05/1960 Wiltshire, 1 of 5 to John, a postman and Sarah 1871, Living with parents, Stanton St Quinton, Wilts 1881, Police Candidate, residing 58 Millbank St, London 1891, Police Constable, residing 45-47 Kennington Police Station, Lambeth 1893 James, a sergeant married Emma Pickerill of Newcastle-under-Lyne 1894 Son, Stephen James born 1896, Son, William Henry born 1901, Daughter, Lilian Sarah born 1901, Police Sergeant, residing 14 Waterloo Road, Leyton, Essex 1911, Retired Police, Claims Superintendent, Great Eastern Motor Bus Co. Ltd, residing 14 Waterloo Road, Leyton, Essex 1911 Son Stephen James King died aged 17, Oct-Dec 1911, Whitechapel 1915. Son William Henry King Killed in Action WW1. No known grave CWGC details Corporal 11956 Date of Death:15/06/1915 Age:19 Wiltshire Regiment 2nd Bn Records after these dates for James, Emma and the daughter Sarah to be verified Regards Nigel
  2. As a newcomer I'm trying to expand my knowledge so can I ask about the SPS rank If James was promoted to Station Police Sergeamt in 1899, why is his 1902 medal stamped PS. Was SPS not a formal rank? Kind Regards Nigel
  3. Thanks Paul for the reply, On 11.12.97 you mention he was rebadged from 19 to 3r, do you have any idea why this would happen, Can I also ask what does the r stand for and what is the difference between the r and the other reference you mention 3cr Kind Regards Nigel
  4. Thats great information, Its a shame I cant seem to pin him down on ancestry. I did find a John King as a Policeman in Lambeth and later Islington who did fit the biĺl but the name James has thrown me a curvebaĺl I'll need to plough through ancestry again. I dont suppose your references gave a date or place of birth Kind Regards Nigel
  5. Hi All, I have 2 police medals and I cant find anything online about the man. The 1st medal is the 1887 Victoria Jubilee in bronze with 1897 bar - this is named to PC J King L Division The 2nd medal is the 1902 Edward VII Coronation medal in bronze - named to PS J King N Division (in original box, with ribbon, never worn) Does anyone have the rolls or any other information that would flesh him out Kind Regards Nigel