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  1. Regiment ID Request

    Thank you very much. You have supplied a lot of extremely valuable information. It seems certain that I had the wrong era. I will take your advice and post on the other forum. While I've attempted to scan a better image, it really has faded and even with color correction assistance, the details are blurry. Thank you again. I really am very much obliged.
  2. Regiment ID Request

    Thank you very much. All was a best guess based on sketchy recollections of what my mother told me 40 years ago! I will have another go at research based on these new dates. Cheers!
  3. Regiment ID Request

    So sorry! John Crane (may be spelled Crean). Place of birth - County Galway.
  4. I am searching for information regarding my 2nd Great Grandfather, born about 1817, Ireland, John Crane (may be spelled Crean). He served in Lahore India. I am hoping someone would be able to identify his Regiment by his uniform. Any clues would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Regiment Identification Request

    John Crean/Crane, born about 1817, Ireland. Served Lahore, India.