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  1. Re your post to German Artillery: Posted 5 Nov 2013

    I am currently researching and writing about the loss of HMS Ben-my-Chree to German/Turkish artillery fire on 9 January 1917 at Castellorizo.

    Whilst I have a published book on Ben-my-Chree the story of her loss I was never satisfied with. New research has enabled me to correct and enhance the story. The article will eventually be published in Cross and Cockade International Journal.

    Now, finally to get to the point, the photos of the 15cm schweres Feldhaubitze 13 L/14 in the post are the same type of gun used by the German battery in January 1917. Unless I can locate similar photos of the guns in Turkey (proving difficult) I would like to use one of your images in my article, probably #4 in the post.

    If you are agreeable to this, could you perhaps provide a good quality scan and let me know how I should credit the image. I will also provide you with a copy of the Journal containing the image.

    Best regards

    Ian Burns