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  1. Hi, what would you say about this one? Is it real, and if so what would you say is the approx value? Best regards Ökenräven
  2. Hi, what do you guys think of this Norwegian NS pin? What would you say, if it is a real one, is an approx value? Best regards Ökenräven
  3. Hi, have found this nice set that really attracts me. Does anyone know what kind of order this is and approx value for the group? Best regards Ökenräven According to the document, the group is awarded in 1938
  4. Hi, many thanks guys for your answers! Best regards Ökenräven
  5. Hi, I'm looking for some info about the Estonian Cross of Liberty. I've understand that these are pretty rare and want some more info about the award. I've not been able to find any informative threads on the forums except some on a estonian forum where I don't understand a single word. I would really appreciate if any of you could tell me more about this award. Is there any sites on the internet where I can read about it or any litterature. Does anyone of you know where to look to buy an example? Best regards Ökenräven
  6. Hi, I'm planning to maybe lay my hands on this stunning group of Finnish awards. The thing is that I'm pretty fresh when it comes to Finnish items so I need some help from you guys. What is a reasonable price for this group? Best regards Ökenräven More pics
  7. Hi, thanks for your great answers! I'll definately take a look on the books mentioned and get a better idea of what I'll focus on in my collecting. My idea so far is wartime prussian and saxon orders and medals but as you might understand I don't got so much knowledge in this area of collecting. I'll try to be more specific, I've started with the 1914 EK1 and 2 and want to move on with the "must have" items for the beginner. Is there some kind of "starter packs" of orders for example I could focus on? Like the Red eagle orders and house of Hohenzollern orders? My answer here might be a bit blurred but as I said, I got minimal knowledge so at the moment It's pretty difficult. Best regards Ökenräven
  8. Hi, I'm new on the forum so I don't know if this is the right area for this thread. In case not please move the thread to where it belongs. I've been collecting mostly Third Reich Heer/SS-items for about seven years now and want to change my area of collecting for a while. I can't afford any of the RKs or any items in that pricerange for the moment so I'm pretty stuck due to economic reasons. So meanwhile I focus on upgrades to my more common TR items I'm planning on starting a new collection of german imperial awards. I've always had an eye for these items but my father brought me into the Third Reich collectingarea as a teenager so that's the way it has been until now. It's not that I expect these kind of items to be any cheaper but I thought it would be interesting and motivating to switch collectingarea for a while and, as I said, these items really interest me. So, this area is totally new for me and as I understand It's pretty wide so I'll start with focusing on Prussian and Saxon awards. What I need from you experts is: What litterature should I buy before I get started? Are there as many copies on the market as the third reich militaria? If so how do I avoid them? Then I would appreciate if you guys could recomend some awards to get started with and some serious dealers from where I can get my first items. Thanks in advance! Best regards Ökenräven