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  1. for sale !!!
  2. for sale !! pls contact with me...
  3. you are the expert in no more from me on this subject and comments are very valuable to me You've been very helpful Dear Egorka regards
  4. Is not the original ?
  5. Ok Egorka Thanks a lot !! What does it estimate? regards
  6. I think this is a original a item... Silver and said to me it is a order neck order
  7. Hi dear collectors ! I have a question to your... THis order is a real or fake ? thanks for information !! regards
  8. your welcome regards
  9. OK this item Tayyare Cemiyeti Pin Brove 1341 hijri so 1922-1923 year... including shipping I can do 300$ for you !!
  10. Sorry Button sold !! What are you interested in another ...
  11. from my collection !! If would be interested can contact me
  12. Many thanks Gordon As I predicted write a message and I have to wait a while regards
  13. I thank you for all your help, but I think my page does not open this link .. I think I might be here for a new ... or it may require a certain time limit messages I dont understand anyway wait for a while regards