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  1. I purchased a mercantile marine pair and from the national archives purchased the medal card but how do I research what ship he served on and build up a picture if the history behind the medals. Any info is appreciated.
  2. I have a few GSM medals that have small black marks that I can't seem to remove, I have have tried silver polish but no joy. What causes these and can they be removed? Palestine and Cyprus
  3. Sorry that link is: Http// Interesting site.
  4. Hi Simon, Thank you for the welcome, looks a great forum. Thanks for your help and getting back to me. Yes, the medals and cap tally came together, really nice condition I found a useful resource: HTTP:// There is a reference to j b Kinniburgh from Cadder who served on Alcinous (Laconia before that), perhaps family member. Best regards, J
  5. I collect medals based on the item rather than the history but want to do research on the ones I have, for example I have a mercantile marine war pair to Thomas Kinniburgh with HM Submarines cap tally but can find no info on it. What is the best way to research my medals? Thanks guys.