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    WW1 Medal *Guidance*

    Peter, Thank you for messaging me, I really appreciate the knowledge! You've given me something to work from. If you do uncover any further information Peter I would love for you to contact again. I will read through the pages you have forwarded. Once again, many thanks. Kind regards, Pav
  2. Dear all, I am new to this forum so forgive me for starting a new topic. I have recently found my Great Great Grandfathers WW1 medal which he gained after serving in Basra, Iraq. I have identified it as being 'The Allied Victory Medal' (a.k.a. Wilfred). The rim is impressed with the following: 3998 CARP. ISHER SINGH. WKS. DTE. Could anyone part any wisdom about the medal or advise where I could go to find out more? Thank you all, Pav Virdi