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  1. Hi all. The attached photos show some items given to me as a child by a kindly neighbour during the 1960s. Amazingly, they've survived me growing up, having a family, house moves, etc, and now I'm trying to ID them. From Googling I think I have a King's Own Light Infantry (South Yorkshire Regiment) helmet plate (officers?) from 1881 - 1897 (?), eight (tunic?) buttons marked Hobson and Sons, Little Windmill Street, London (1878 -1886?) and two smaller (epaulette?) buttons, all similarly KOLI (SYksR). I'd like to display them, rather than putting them back in a box for another 50 years so any guidance on this would be welcome. Thanks.
  2. Wow - rapid response there - thanks guys. Yes Tony, the cloth centre of the plate feels like felt/velvet and appears black, though in a bright light it may once have been dark blue or dark green. I'd go for dark green but that might just be my eyes. And thanks for the mounting advice Patrick - time to get some card, fabric and glue. Inclined not to clean it all as I like the aged appearance.