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  1. Stalker

    Voznesensky Czapka

    Ok. Can you show me the photo inside the cap or maybe you can send me e-mail with photos (Stalker551@yandex.ru). Best Regards Anton
  2. Stalker

    Voznesensky Czapka

    75 its a chip prise. Its will be interesting to see more fotos! Best Regards
  3. Stalker

    Medal That May be Masonic; Unsure

    Its a copy. Best regards Anton
  4. Stalker


    Its your luck that you didnt by it. This m1927 shaska is famos сopy. Best Regards Anton
  5. Stalker

    St. Georg Cross lot

    This medal and crosses are original. Best Regards Anton
  6. Stalker

    Voznesensky Czapka

    Thank you, Peter. I hope my knowlegess in russian militaria and my Russian language will be usefull here ;). Best Regards Anton
  7. Stalker

    Voznesensky Czapka

    Hi Rick! Its not a Voznesenskiy Ulan Regiment. The colors of chapka and the plate say that it was 10th Odessan ulan regiment. The plate is "For Warshaw uprising 1831". Best Regards Anton