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  1. Hello Glenn, This is truly outstanding. If I may say - most respectfully - "The Old Hands" like your good self, are demonstrating that there is a "better way" of coaxing out the essential information. Thank you for the information and the research lessons. I appreciate it very, very much! with kindest regards, Tim
  2. Hello Dave, Wow! This is wonderful information and immensely appreciated. You've just carried the ball across the finish line at the moment I thought that the proverbial wall had been hit. Many, many thanks! With kindest regards, Tim
  3. This figure of a soldier of IR 59 was presented to Major Freiherr von Schimmelmann by the Officers of IR 59, I believe, on the occasion of his departure from the Regiment c. 1904/1905. I have been able to (subject to correction) chart his Service from c. 1879 with IR 78 to his Service with IR 59 (c. 1894 to c.1904/5) as Hptm and Major, via the Ranglisten. From there he went to L. Bez.Sangerhausen ((1906-1909) and in 1910 to IR 78 as ObstLt. There are many gaps in his story that I would like to close. Assistance is requested in determining his: -full name -place and date of birth -place and date of death -Service after 1910 including Service in WWI and, if possible, any notable achievements or anecdotes to flesh out his story -Awards and Decorations for Service -other information, etc. Below, I have enclosed a photo of the figure presented to Major Freiherr von Schimmelmann, and an extract from the 1907 Rangiste showing Seniority and Awards up to that time. In brief summary, also, are the notes from the Ranglisten that I was able to relate to his Service. Any additional information or guidance that can be provided would be greatly appreciated. As this is my first post, please bear with me. Thank you. With kindest regards to all, Tim Service as determined from Published Ranglisten Rangliste 1879 SL IR 78 1881 SL IR 78 1882 SL IR 78 1882 SL IR 78 1883 SL IR 78 1884 EL IR 78 1885 EL IR 78 1886 EL IR 78 1887 EL IR 78 1888 EL attached/transferred to IR 60 1890 EL acting Hptm(?) with IR 20 (?) 1891 Hptm IR 20. Seniority 23 Dec 1891 1892 Hptm IR 20. Attached to IR 78 (?) 1894 Hptm IR 59 1895 Hptm IR 59 1896 Hptm IR 59 1897 Hptm IR 59 1898 Hptm IR 59 1899 Hptm IR 59 1900 Hptm IR 59 1901 Hptm IR 59 1902 Hptm IR 59 1903 Major IR 59 Seniority 12 Sept 1902 1904 Major IR 59 1905 Major IR 135 1906 Major Kom. L.Bez. Sangerhausen 1907 Major Kom. L.Bez. Sangerhausen 1908 Major Kom. L.Bez. Sangerhausen 1909 ObstLt Kom. L.Bez. Sangerhausen Seniority 24 March 1909 1910 ObstLt IR 78