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  1. Glasses can be had cheaply on the net, for instance: http://www.assistpoint.co.uk/3d_glasses_re..._with_arms.html
  2. Sorry about that, I was trying to add an ananaglyph version of Edinburgh Castle a well. Here it is. It would be interesting to do this with original images of a much higher resolution.
  3. Here it is. Fougasse1940
  4. BENSON Bernard Joseph, The Reverend, 205968, age 30 Chaplain to the Forces 4th Class, RAChDm attached to HQ 1st Airlanding Brigade He was initially buried by Reverend Daniel McGowan in the garden of St. Elisabeth hospital, Arnhem. Later reburied at the Airborne cemetery, Oosterbeek. Grave #4.B.10. Need a photo? Fougasse1940
  5. $10 is a sympathetic price for any smock, even this one. As far as the arm patches go, they are called Drop Zone flashes, they were made of ribbon, linnen, felt and various fabrics, according to Charles A. Edwards' Drop Zone flashes of the British Airborne forces p. 16. Variations existed because of local procurement. Their size is listed as 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch. The only problem with these specific flashes is that they were worn from 1961 onwards, and I think this type of smock was replaced in 1957 by the 1957 pattern Denison smock, which had a different coloured camouflage print. See ebay object number 250056389616 for an example. The cuffs and full-length zipper could have been officers alterations, the back could have been torn and repaired? The smock has enough original details to exclude the possibility of being tinkered with by costumers, the most significant oddity is the different panels on the rear, now why would a costumer do that if he/she has an original smock to start with? The only movie smocks I'm aware of were those made specifically for A Bridge Too Far, and they were of a much better overall quality than this one. It would be interesting to see additional photos of the front laid out flat, and the inside of the front and rear. Fougasse1940.
  6. It looks at best like a Belgian post war smock to me, although heavily modified. The cuffs have been added later, as it also has the butonned straps on the sleeves. The (upper) front pockets might have been re-sewn on under an angle. The rear is a quilt like patchwork, with different coloured cloth, as compared to the sleeves. The front zipper has been altered to full length. The buttons on the back of the collar are new to me The DZ flashes, if original were first worn post-war. Labels are known to be reproduced. Only good if accompanied with a (probably interesting, if real) provenance, otherwise I'm afraid it's rather a strange hodgepodge. Hope you didn't pay a lot. Fougasse1940