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  1. Thank you Peter, my gut feeling was probably not military origin but seemed a similar vintage but not my subject! The knowledge you Gentlemen have is incredible, I'll be watching & learning now that I've found you! A large photo of a young sailor was found in this house, his identity lost to the family, having now found these items including the named British star we are hoping to tie it all up & say for sure it's him in the photograph! A sad tale as so many are, was clearly in the war from start having the 1914-15 star, he died in Malta from disease in 1919, seems particularly cruel to survive the duration of the war & not make it home. Many Thanks for your help
  2. Hello, I'm looking for some help please! My cousin has found these medals while clearing an Uncles house, The British 14-15 star was awarded to a man who died on HMS Egmont, Malta so I assume he acquired the ottoman star while out there. The two pictured below them were in the same tin, possibly not related & possibly not even military! Can anybody shed any light on where they may have come from? Thank you
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