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  1. How much was the WW1 deathcard you saw then Tony? Not that I've got any, unfortunately! John Germ
  2. Hi, I have been collecting German deathcards recently, but didn't know that they were produced in Britain too. Bought the attached card at a market on Sunday, and was very surprised at how similar it is to the German deathcard, the format is strikingly similar. Thought you may like to see it. John Germ
  3. Hi Tony, You're very lucky to be able to get medals to your family name. I still only have the one Victory to BANFIELD which you pointed me in the right direction to. Those medals of yours do look lovely though!! John Germ
  4. Hi, I have a death card where the soldier was the holder of a "Panzer Sturmabzeichens". Is this the Tank battle badge, or am I barking up the wrong tree? Thanks a lot John Germ
  5. Monty's WW1 trio in the IWM are the replacements issued to him in the 1960s after some B&*^"!d stole the originals. John Germ
  6. WOW, that's a beauty. Would love to have that lot on my collection. Enjoy it (I'm sure you do ) Cheers for showing us. John Germ
  7. Also, medals to Welsh Regiments seem to go for above the odds. Shame as I want to get hold of medals to men from my home town of Llanelli (or Llanelly, as it was still spelt in WW1). Cheers John Germ
  8. Hi Geoff, You're absolutely right. Amongst his papers theres an Army Form E54, "Notice to join for training in camp", dated 25 July 1939, directing him to B Company, 5th Battalion The Essex Regt. His papers don't mention the middle years of the war, most of them are from 1945, but I'd love to know whether he ever was in the RA in the interim period. Thanks for you contribution. Best wishes John Germ
  9. Sorry, was going to add more pics, but it won't let me. I've reached my limit apparently. Will try again tomorrow. John Germ
  10. Hi, I recently went to the War and peace Show with Tony from this forum, and bought a suitcase full of stuff previously owned by a Burma vet. I've attached some pictures. The case is jammed full of fascinating stuff. I wasn't able to fit all the documents, letters etc in the pictures, they're in the blue folder pictured. The case belonged to 6016452 Pte Clark, of D company 1st Battalion Glosters, but presumably he was in the RA previously, as there is alot of RA stuff contained in the case, including the jacket. Interestingly, there is his 1945 diary, and also a hand written cookbook, because from spring 1945 he began cookery classes in the jungle. If anybody wants me to post any recipes, please let me know. Ingrediants are to feed 100 men though! John Germ
  11. Hi Andy, That's a cracking collection you've got there, especially the white helmet. I've got a similar one in my collection which I'm really proud of. I've got an Axis display, and an Allied display in my front room, and when there's something dull on TV, I can just turn my head and look at my collection and let my imagination wander! Cheers Steve