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  1. About the mystery ww1 soldier, you might be right there! I didnt look very closely, and as both brit's and US troops had something 'old fashioned looking' on their legs in ww1, I just took him to be a BEF soldier... By the way, any info on the 3rd Inf divisions exploits in ww1??? That would be interesting too... Did Monty serve in the third div in ww1, or whas the knick name about 'monty's ironsides' a ww2 thing? Any info would be mucho appreciated, here is my e-mail adress: nels1970@hotmail.com Thanks in advance! [attachmentid=23325] [attachmentid=23326]
  2. I was already thrilled when reading about Normandy, I realized that the third UK infantry division was one of the four BEF divisions who escaped at Dunkerque after giving good defencive retreat. They got the knickname of 'Montys Ironsides', I belive that Monty was their divisonal commander in the summer of 40. It was they along with a Canadian recon unit who came so close to capturing Caen on D-day, but the emergence of the 21 Panzer div, combined with the jammed up beaches preventing the tanks from showing up in time that snatched the planned taking of Caen immediately, a tragedy that would not only last for weeks but without a doubt cost many a commonwealth soldiers life or wounds. After this I am somewhat blurry, I know they followed the British troop trail to north Germany, but in what actions they took place I do not know. Also they are still going, I belive the only Divisional size unit that is still left from the ww2 divisions. The seventh armoured was still going during desert storm as a division, but I noticed that by op Telic they were a regiment, thus leaving the only Div that is still going to the third inf, and making me wonder about their legacy, did they fight in Iraq? Did they fight in Korea? what were they up to during ww1??? Yep, the Ironsides are now the basic infantrymans most historically endued division, and therefore I belive it deserves accolades, stories that anybody can remember and basically a thread to share our love of Military history, and I as half Brit half Finn and having been trained in Infantry in the Finnish army, I wish to learn anything I can about the 3rd 'Ironsides'. As you might see from my pen name, I am a great fan of the Brit armys somewhat underestimated effort in playing it's part in bringing down one of the most purely evil empires yet seen in the lamentable history of human crime as Churcill more or less put it when describing the nazis. So, any pics, info, links, you name it, this thread is for the Ironsides! Yours Truly: 17 Poundr.[attachmentid=22690] [attachmentid=22691]
  3. I always wondered about the Tempest, as it entered the war when most of the dogfights against Lufwaffe were over, how many did the Tempest kill??? Anybody?? Also, does anybody know what was the score of the no 1 Tempest ace?? And, what were it's speed, climb and armament specs?? I really would love to know of any dramatic events that this plane got into, and any other info would be much appreciated too... All I know is that Camm and co, learned from the Typhoon, and made a fast fighter that the raf used in 44-45. Was it faster than the mk XIX family Spitifires? Yours truly, Mr Poundr.[attachmentid=22669] [attachmentid=22670]
  4. Hello, I'm new to here, so I do not know if this is the place to ask, but here goes: I have googled and used other search engines to find out about Montgomery's Great war experience, but all I know is that he was wounded pretty seriously, got back to the front in 1916, and ended up in a Divisional staff in 1918 I belive it was... But has anybody a link, or a short summary of more detail??? I have a book I ordered from amazon, waiting me in England, at my granparets, (I live in Finland), but I would like to know a bit more now if anybody can indeed give a 'quick summary'.... Happy to be here by the way! Mr Poundr. Pictures: Irish guards take trench, and Mannerheim, Finlands only Marshall, as a younger officer in 1917 or 1918 during the Finnish civil war...
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