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  1. Trying to locate Mgs medal for a Joseph Siddle Artillery Gunner Driver . He served in Holcombe's Company in Corunna Badajosz and Ciudad Rodrigo. The medal was sold through Sotherbys in 1982. Any info or direction would be greatly appreciated.
  2. An ancestor of mine Gunner Driver Joseph Siddle of Hoslcombe Company sixth battalion Royal Artillery, received the mgs medal for fighting at Carunna Ciudad Rodrigo and Badaoz. Something happened to the medal [sold , stolen ???] The medal was auctioned at Sotherbeys in 1982. I would really like to reaquire this medal. He did live to receive it and died in 1858. Joseph served his country for 21 years and was discharged in 1825 because of ruematism and being worn out. Any information on how i can find this medal Heck any information would be greatly appreciated Thanks Melvyn