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A Chinese policeman in British-administered Wei-Hai-Wei

The city of Weihai was part of a territory called "Weihaiwei", which was leased by the UK from 1898 until 1930. It lay on the north Chinese coast west of Seoul in Korea. It was a summer station for the naval China Station along with Hong Kong. Wei-Hai-Wei was rented from the Chinese government.

From 1898-99 it was administered by a Senior Naval Officer, RN; in 1899, this transferred to a military and civil commissioner appointed by the War Office. The garrison comprised some 200 British troops and a locally raised Chinese Regiment with British officers. In 1901, administration transferred to the Colonial Office. A Civil Commissioner was appointed to run the territory in 1902, and the Chinese Regiment was disbanded in 1903.

The Wei-Hai-Wei Regiment had been raised by the British and had performed well during the Boxer Rebellion. After disbandment in 1903 ex-members of the regiment were selected to join the Wei-Hai-Wei Police. An armed policeman is shown in the postcard above.

The territory became especially important to the British during the Great War when it was used as the Recruiting Centre and Depot for the Chinese Labour Corps. Companies of between 300 and 500 men were despatched to France via Vancouver, Halifax and Liverpool. Officers were recruited from Europeans working in China.

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The Waterfront Wei-Hai-Wei.

(Note the policeman at the rear of the near gun.)

On the subject of this Unit,does anyone know of an example of the cap/collar badges worn by them ? The badge of the 1st Chinese Regiment,out of which they sprung,is well known,as is that of the Tientsin Municipal Police but I have yet to encounter an example from WHW.

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Wei Hai Wei Police.

                         Just bringing this one up again, anyone any info ?

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