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Interesting to see Lt. Gen.Dutton as a younger officer - Commandant was an Afrikaans rank and one of the first acts of the

1994 Govt. was to change it back to Lt. Colonel.

Gen Dutton became a friend over the years - he loved to come into the shop and chat. He would have been the Minister of Defence

however, he was of British descent and it went to Malan . Dutton died last year - I think he was 82 - I will post a picture he sent to me

via his Grandson. Dutton was the Head of the Defence Force.

General Dutton was a most highly respected officer - and even the ANC presented him with an award. When Sth. Africa had few

friends he became our Ambassador to Chile. When this appointment finished - he became our Ambassador to Taiwan. These

were the only two Countries that had full Diplomatic ties.

He was the epitome of the saying - 'An officer and a Gentleman' - this does not always apply these days. I miss not seeing him

for a coffee - his wife used to 'lose' him - and then come into the shop and say ' I thought I would find you here '. Mervyn

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