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Can anyone give me any information about a german naval officer named Thedor Heinrich I think he is more likely to have served in the first world war as he was born before 1900. I am told that he came from Kiel

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Sounds like Theodor HeiMrich,

born 1 September 1878, naval reserves 1.10.02-31.1.19

Vize-Steuermann der Reserve 25 November 1903

Leutnant zur See der Reserve 7 April 1906 C

Oberlt zs dR 11.12.09 D

Kapit?nleutnant zS dR 24.12.15 T

First war service in March 1915-- which suggests he was a merchant navy officer and only reached home then--

Company Officer in 2nd Section, Ist Matrosen-Division then to April 1915,

School Ship "Freya" as Watch Officer and Adjutant to October 1916,

Company commander in 1st Section, IInd Matrosen-Division to January 1917,

Captain of the IInd Minesweeper Division mother ship "Ammon" to June 1918,

and Half Flotilla commander of the 15th Minesweeping Half Flotilla to war's end.

EK2 by February 1918.

NOT a member of the post-WW1 German Naval Officers Association (M.O.V.) so no clue about his civilian life.

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Dear Rick,I have managed to find out a little more about this officer I am told that he was born in a place called Travemunde on 29th January 1888. That is as far as I have got at the moment. He could still be the officer that you were able to find. but perhaps some more digging might reveal him.

Thank you for the trouble that you have taken so far.


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Possibly not an officer, but a career petty officer or Deck Officer only commissioned "Leutnant der Marine" upon discharge after the war. Can't even speculate with no other clues.

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