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    4 September 2011

    Greg Collins


    Basically a slow Sunday... managed to get a few things done around the house and get my uniform ready for work tomorrow (yes, most folks have the day off). Did manage to finish- at least to date- my Czechoslovakian gallery (have a look) and also added some images to my Hungarian gallery (look there, as well). The PMR (Pridnestrovie) gallery is up-to-date although there are a few items (documents) coming in the mail. I need to get back to work on my USSR gallery, as well as begin the Mongolian and Bulgarian galleries AND the DDR gallery, which will be HUGE.

    Work is going to be a drag tomorrow. 12 hours of the usual needy women plus visitation (it's a holiday, after all), staff shortages (ongoing), getting the trash off the compound, getting offender workers paid, and the usual lock-ups, fights, medical runs, etc... all the fun you can possibly have between 0545 and 1815. Oh well, it's a paycheck.

    Hope everyone has a great Labour Day (I still celebrate mine on May 1st).


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