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    29 October 2011

    Greg Collins


    I have just submitted what may be my final entry into the contest and, as I poured over the work of the last couple of days, I can really see the "commercial" in the Commercial Art/Photography degree... overworked, clean, "just so". The artwork I do is basically the same. It's all good, and I'm glad I know how to do it, but there are times I wish that my art was more relaxed, "free-er" and with more expression. Seems I'm a good technician but I wonder about "artist"... but, hey, I am what I am (to paraphrase that sage of my past and fellow sailor, Popeye). Anyway, have a look. These were Orders given to the Romanian Securitate- State Security- and are quite nice looking trinkets. They seem to echo the feeling of the Carpathians, or, at least, the feeling we often impose on the Carpathians since reading Bram Stoker's opus.

    Come to think of it, I may try at least one more tomorrow. All this refection has given me an idea for something in the way of the Order of Labour. We'll see...



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