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    Iron Cross: Mini 1


    There is absolutely no truth to the Retail Rumor That Will Not Die that these represent 1st Classes. Absolutely not!

    God alone knows why, but there was a pointless fashion for these, dating back at least as far as the 1880s (1 observed of an EK 2 1870!) , which seems to have persisted most stubbornly in SAXONY.

    Almost all the devices to be seen following this one are on saxon ribbon bars. The Photos In Wear section will reveal a dated wartime Saxon "dude" as well as an Ottoman officer sporting these, and I've had many a blurry immediately post-war photo of these being worn as far afield as the Hamburg area.

    These are, simply put, actual WW1 into the 1930s FANTASY items, worn by Very Silly Germans Indeed.

    The point of "dressing up" the most basic and recognizably common award in Germany is just plain :speechless: ...

    so sit back and enjoy them for what they ae: Personal Teutonic Fashion Zaniness! :rolleyes:

    From the album:

    Ribbon Bar Devices Gallery

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