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    1. I understand the pilot, Oblt. Delakowitz, is still alive and living in Brazil. Do you have any knowledge of that?

      Interesting!!! I was unaware that he was I only recently obtained this information. Certainly would be most interesting to get in contact with him assuming he is still in good health.

      Any info. you have regarding this would be most helpful.



    2. Kill # 6 - 4 May 1944 - Lancaster - 20km SW-SE Chalons-sur-Marne: Alt 100m - Time 0031 - possible 460 Sqdn Lancaster JB741 This was the Lancaster that my uncle was bomb aimer on. They were on their first op. The villagers saw them at low altitude, on fire and the fighter behind them still shooting. They crashed a few miles west of Dommartin-Lettree. Only the rear gunner was identified. They had a full load of bombs when they went in. The starboard wing separated and was found years later standing vertically between two trees. I didn't know the name of the crew before reading this thread. Any chance you have a picture of any of the fighter's crew?


      Thanks for the response and sorry to hear about your uncle's demise at such an early age.

      The only photo I have of the entire crew is attached. From left to right is Kurt Felke (BS), Richard Delakowitz (FF) and Hans Beckmann (BF).



    3. I've just realised that the colour profile is the actual aircraft your man flew in. That was flukey!

      These are handy sites...



      Noticed that myself nice catch.

      Yup I was already familiar with htose sites though haven't looked at them for some time.

      Thanks again.


    4. Leutnant Joseph Springer of 8./NJG 4 is credited with one night victory and one day victory.

      According to the books I mentioned before, there were only 2 kills credited to NJG 4 on the night of 31st Aug/1st Sept 1943 and both were claimed by Major Wilhelm Herget of Stab I / NJG 4 for his 42nd & 43rd kills.

      Hmmm thanks for the additional info.

      Possible this claim was later overturned or simply unconfirmed.

    5. Undoubtedly the J-series Do217.

      That was the night-fighter version with the closed canopy in the front and replaced with a cluster of machine guns/cannons.


      Yes most likely J series J1, J2 and later N series however this info. is unfortunately not part of the write up in Felkes Flugbuch. Though late in the war it shows him aboard Ju88's.

      As we discussed the next time we meet I can show you all these "goodies" in more detail.



    6. Just in case you don't have them, here are the details for those 7 kills...

      1) 24 February 1944 - Lancaster - 5km N Tuebingen: Alt Unknown - Time 2240 - Unknown

      2) 31 March 1944 - Lancaster - Malmedy-St Vith-Gahlem area: Alt Unknown - Time 0013 - 467 Sqdn LM376 or 550 Sqdn LM425

      3) 31 March 1944 - Lancaster - 10km S Fulda: Alt Unknown - Time 0050 - Probably 460 Sqdn Lancaster ND361

      4) 4 May 1944 - Lancaster - 12km SW-E Chalons-sur-Marne: Alt 2,800m - Time 0021 - possible 460 Sqdn Lancaster LM531

      5) 4 May 1944 - Lancaster - 12km SW-E Chalons-sur-Marne: Alt 3,300m - Time 0022 - possible 460 Sqdn Lancaster LM531

      6) 4 May 1944 - Lancaster - 20km SW-SE Chalons-sur-Marne: Alt 100m - Time 0031 - possible 460 Sqdn Lancaster JB741

      7) 25 June 1944 - Lancaster - 1km E Senlis, or Abbeville-Doullens: Alt 2,500m - Time 0038 - Unknown

      An interesting tally with a couple of nights showing multiple kills including 2 on the night RAF Bomber Command suffered its highest losses of the war during a raid on Nuernberg. And it seems as if he had a grudge against 460 Sqdn!!

      It looks like with Kills 4 & 5, one of them is unknown as the same aircraft is listed for both and an interesting altitude for kill number 6.

      Source: Nachtjagd War Diaries Vol 1 & 2 by Theo E.W.Boiten

      The a/c flown by Felkes crew relative to the claims above are as follows:

      1. Do217 3C+DR

      2. Do217 3C+DR (oddly enough these abschuss are listed as occuring on 05.04.44)

      3. Do217 3C+DR "

      4. same as above

      5. same as above

      6. same as above

      7. Me110 3C+BR

      Interesting as well that there is an additional abschuss listed on 01.09.43 while flying a Do217 coded 3G+IR


    7. Happy to help. When does the Flugbuch go up to? If it goes up to wars end does it show any other kills (maybe he transferred to another crew?) Oblt. Richard Delakowitz seems to got off to quite a prolific start and then nothing from June 1944 even though he survived the war.

      Flugbuch goes up to 12.04.45, total of 350 flights of which 69 were Feindefluge i.e. the Spange in Silver. Felke did serve with other pilots until the end of the war however no additional kills are listed. Felke served primarily with Delakowitz (barring a few alternate pilots) until 27.09.44 at which point he flew with Major Gogga sp? from 19.10.44 until 05.12.44 and finally with Lt. Springer or Sprenger from 14.01.44 until 12.04.45.



    8. According to www.ww2.dk II/NJG 4 were using Bf-110's at this time before also using Ju-88G's from August 1944 but obviously Jeremy will have far more details as he has the flugbuch. It might even be possible to find images of some of his aircraft (long shot perhaps but sometimes possible) if Jeremy could list some of the aircraft side numbers that should be listed in the flugbuch.

      Will do. I'm at work at the moment but when I get an opportunity later this evening I will post the side numbers.



    9. Hucks216

      Thanks so much for your comments and in particular for the info. on his his. That was next on my "to do" list was compiling the info. on his kills.

      In addition to what I've shown I actually haveFelke's hard cover Flugbuch and his Leistungsbuch although the early kills only indicate the a/c as a 4 engine bomber. This is great!

      Thanks again.


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