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    1. My most recent pick up to Oberfeldwebel Kurt Felke. Felke served early on with RGG before transferring to the flying branch and ending up in the Nachtjaeger as part of the Oblt. Delakowitz crew and part of seven (7) night victories.

      01.12.38-31.12.38 3./ LL General Göring

      01.01.39-30.04.39 III.Fallschirmjäger Rgt. 1, 11 Kompanie

      01.05.39-24.08.39 9./ Regiment General Göring

      25.08.39-25.10.39 6./ Regiment General Göring

      26.10.39-09.10.40 4. le. Flakabteilung 73

      10.10.40-28.02.42 6./ Regiment General Göring

      01.03.42-30.09.42 6./ Flak Regiment Hermann Göring

      01.10.42-30.10.42 Bordschützen-Anwärter-Batl. 1

      31.10.42-31.01.43 Bordschützenschule 3, Schülerkompanie

      01.02.43-05.02.43 Bordschützenschule 3, Schülerkompanie

      06.02.43-17.03.43 4./Nachtjagdschule 1

      18.03.43-18.07.43 4./Nachtjagdgeschwader 101

      19.07.43-06.01.45 III./Nachtjagdgeschwader 4, 7. Staffel

      07.01.45-08.04.45 8./Nachtjagdgeschwader 4

      09.04.45-07.05.45 III./Nachtjagdgeschwader 4, 7. Staffel

      post-1201-037837400 1295218881_thumb.jpg

    2. Wehrpas to Unteroffizier Johannes Blauth,

      Blauth served initally with construction units before being transferred to the Rgt. General Goring. Blauth took part in RGG's early campaigns in Russia being wounded and eventaully transferreed to Ersatz-Bataillon Brigade Hermann Göring Vermessungs und Karten Sammelstelle, the surveying and mapping branch of Brigade Hermann Göring due to the severity of his wounds. Personally I haven't seen these units listed before.

      Due to his wounds suffered in Russia he is later awarded the wound badge in Silver!!


      04.10.39 – 31.10.39 Luftwaffen-Bau-Kompanien 12/III.

      01.11.39 – 11.01.40 Luftwaffen-Bau-Kompanien 311.

      12.01.40 - 29.01.40 Luftwaffen-Bau-Kompanien 2/311/111.

      30.01.40 – 18.03/.40 4./Flak-Ersatz-Battr Regiment General Göring

      19.03.40 – 23.06.42 5./ Regiment General Göring

      24.06.42 – 31.10.42 Ersatz-Bataillon Brigade Hermann Göring Vermessungs und Karten Sammelstelle.

      01.11.42 – 30.04.43 Ersatz-Regiment Division Hermann Göring. Stabskompanie Vermessungs und Karten Sammeltelle.

      01.05.43 – 30.08.43 Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Regiment Hermann Göring Vermessungs und Karten Sammelstelle.

      01.09.43 – 01.03.44 Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Regiment Hermann Göring Stabskompanie und Nachrichtenzug.

      02.03.44 – 07.07.44 Fallschirm-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Regiment Hermann Göring

      08.07.44 – 00.00.00 Discharged from military service.


      04.04.42 Flakkampfabzeichen (Flak Badge)

      08.07.41 Eiserne Kreuz 2. Klasse (Iron Cross 2nd Class)

      05.07.41 Verwundeten-Abzeichen in Schwartz (Wound Badge in Black)

      23.07.43 Verwundeten-Abzeichen in Silber (Wound Badge in Silver)

      post-1201-028701200 1294602728_thumb.jpg

    3. Gordon very nice group.

      I've never been a huge fan of LW ground personnel groups (why I can't really say because these guys did some heavy lifting for the LW) but this one is a notable exception. Really interesting history and awards grouping.

      As a sidebar I have seen groups to ground personnel who while serving with front line Geschwaders were wounded from attacks on their bases. None that I own regrettably.

      Very nice!!!


    4. I guess there is no new info in there about what he did between 1930 and 1939?

      Unfortunately nothing other than what I indicated for the tail end of 38/39. With the documents being in seperate collections I suspect this is a classic case of itmes being split up which is terrible to say the least.

      Hopefully soemone else will have the missing link to make the circle complete.

      ps Paul C - Glad Rick was able to see the additional info., thanks


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