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    1. THose are some GREAT photos!!! I do not know where to begin!! The LW man with the KM High Seas Fleet is spectacular.

      Also notice the LW Field Division man, Oberj?ger Helmut Hildebrandt , has the rank gulls directly onto the collar, as per the 1944 regulations!! Very nice!

      Also, I find it interesting that Oberstingenieur Kurt Breith is a WW1 vet who got a 1939 EK2 as an Ingenier!!!!!!.

      Thanks Paul/Ulsterman,

      Yeah I must say the Flath portrait is one of my favorites. While he was not flying crew his job on the ships listed was I believe range finder. That said he was abroad Konigsberg when she was sunk in Norway in 1940 and abroad Prinz Eugen during their successful channel dash.

      Brieth served with the Kriegsmarine in WW1, just at the end which is why only the Erhenkampfer cross. Also his EK2 was awarded in 1940 when he was temporarily attached to StG 77.

      I have the balance of the documents for these groups which I'll post in another thread.

      Thanks for the comments.


    2. William thanks for the website links,

      As with so many cities what an absolute waste of beautiful architecture and urban spaces that war brings. As an architect seeing what was vs. what is now is always difficult to comprehend particularily when I think about how long it takes to bring one building to fruition.

      Unfortunately the heavy handed approach used by Soviet architects/urban planners has largely destroyed the original character of that city.

      That said it was nice to see some of the "gems" in the rough which still exist.

      Thanks again


    3. Hi Kevin,

      Based on the Feldpostnummer (32471) your Observer is Heinrich Bertsch who served with 4.(H)/Aufklar. Gruppe 23 and was an Oberleutnant at the time of his awarding. This however you may already know.

      In terms of cost I would expect, based on where it is being sold (i.e. Europe, States etc. ) anywhere between $800-$950. Since B was an Observer and not a pilot this drops the price for many and the fact the he was with a Recon unit vs. Bomber etc. will factor in as well. Personally I like the recon./oberservers so I would pay more if the unit warrants the price. The last DKiG WP I purchased was a few years back to a Stuka pilot and that was about $950 so factoring in a bit of cost increase I think the values above should serve you well.

      If you get a chance to post additional images of the WP it would be greatly appreciated looks like a nice item.



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