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  1. Guys, I am going to pose a question here, and there are probably about three people in the whole world who will be able to help. I have posted on pickelhaubes.com and WAF and q forum member suggested posting it here. I have a set of what I believe is a set of Imperial German Schutztruppen Mounted Equipment for the Sud-West Afrika Protection Force. It almost, but not quite, identical to my other set of Schutztruppen Mounted Equipment. I have photgraphed them together for comparison purposes. The lighter colored set of leather equipment is 100% Mounted Pattern Equipment, depicted in Jurgen Kraus book on The German Colonial Troops, and on several websites devoted to the Schutztruppen. The darker colored set is the one for which I am seeking more understanding. Points of comparison: • They both use exactly the same number and configuration of ammunition pouch, each with a snap closure and a retention strap. • They both have cross over shoulder straps, with each shoulder strap having an extra ammo pouch • They both have an integrated bayonet frog designed for a German Mauser bayonet Points of difference: • The official pattern uses a single broad waist belt. The dark set waist belt separates into two narrower straps for the buckles • The official pattern has the bayonet frog on the left hip. The dark set has it on the right hip • The official pattern has the two additional ammo pouches on the front. The dark set has them on the rear. • Other differences are minor and are mainly concerned with how the leather components are riveted or stitched together. The official pattern was designed to buckled at the rear, so the six ammo pouches were the front, plus the two additional pouches on the shoulder straps, with the bayonet on the left hip, as depicted in the photo. The dark set would make sense if it was worn reversed - buckled at the front - which would place four belt ammo pouches at the front, plus the two on the shoulder straps, with six more ammo pouches at the back and the bayonet still on the left hip. I have never seen a set of mounted equipment worn in this way, nor is it referenced in any text book. Can anyone assist in identifying the dark pattern leather equipment??
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