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  1. I posted this bar ages ago, in 2005 or so, and we never really got beyond head-scratching at the time.  I remain just as confused as ever.  I thought that I'd float it again, in the event that perhaps it would make sense to a new face or in light of new research.    


    As best I can tell...

    #1 could be:

    1909 Nassau Errinerungsmedaille or

    Order of Civil and Military Merit of Adolph of Nassau  or

    Pre-1913 Prussian XXI long service or
    #2. Finland Cross of Liberty 2nd Class
    #3. DSWA
    #4. Dutch Order of Oranje-Nassau
    #5. Finland War of Independence Commemorative
    #6. Prussian War Merit Cross
    #7. Lippe-Detmold KVK2 for combatants


    A second ribbon bar is (or was) owned by another forum member, with same decorations plus a sword device on #4.  I'm having trouble tracking down the photo that I saved of the rear of their bar at the moment, but I remember that one having red backing material instead of green.  Whatever this is, the second bar would suggest that this was actually done on purpose.


    Anyone have any thought on this one, and what it all adds up to?





  2. This is one that I've had for a while, but apparently never got around to posting.  Anyhow, I'd be curious as to what if anything could be taken from the combination of ribbons.  I'm guessing that the small numbers of decorations suggests that the recipient was a relatively junior officer, but does the Zähringer plus the Waldeck hint towards any particular unit(s)? 




  3. I've been in the process of trying to research the owner of a ribbon bar that I've had in my possession for quite some time, a Bavarian aviator who served in both world wars.  I'm hindered a bit by my horrible command of the German language, and also by being on the wrong continent.  I wrote to the Bavarian state archive back in 2005, and received a letter back indicating that they have a file on him including some personnel records, some photo albums, along with some other materials, but they closed by essentially saying "sorry, but we're too busy to help".  (They did at least send me a copy of a single photograph.)  There's been enough time passed that I'd like to give it another go.  Perhaps some more stuff has been scanned or cataloged.  Anyhow, is there anyone out there that's dealt with them that could guide me through the process?  

  4. I'm in the process of re-examining an old annoyingly minimalist ribbon bar of mine that very obviously doesn't include everything the recipient was entitled to.  I posted it in another thread, and an officer named Mencke (no first name known) was mentioned as a candidate.  He apparently received the HEK3aX and then later the HOH3X.  Anything showing up on the rolls?

  5. I found this bazooka round at a flea market a number of years ago.  (Don't worry, it's deactivated.)

    I can't see any remnants of the original paint, other than the black stripe which may or may not be original.  I had assumed that it had been monkeyed with over the years, with the weird screws in the shaft.  This morning I found a couple of photos online of other similar rounds.  Anyhow, is anyone able to glean anything about this round?  Was it a training round?  HE?  Something else?  Any indication of the model / age?  What did those screws do anyhow?  


  6. Hmmmm. VERY (I mean VERRRRRRY) pale blue, with orangy red stripes... Japanese Order of the Sacred Treasure. The palest of robin's egg blues fades away to "dingy white."

    Combination of combatant Iron Cross and "civil" KVK suggests somebody doing something potentially nasty. Waffen-SS?

    Gut impression is that this is a M1957 West German bar from the style/size ribbons--so things could be banned that were worn originally. (Where is my whistling smilie thingy? been away tooooo long and still not "back" yet.)

    This one post was one of my very few token appearances here over the course of the last year or so, so don't feel too bad. Nice to have you back amongst the living, in any event.

    So, in regards to the nastiness, how do you mean? Did I manage to land Hans Landa's ribbon bar?

  7. I received this shoulderboard recently:


    Looking for second opinions on the Waffenfarbe. The color appears to be uniform, and doesn't appear any darker / different when you look in the various nooks and crannies that wouldn't have seen as much sunlight. In the photo below, this board is in the middle. The one above it is a Heer Infanterie board, and the one below it is a standard Luftwaffe Fliegertruppe/Fallschirmjäger board. It looks decidedly more yellowish than the Heer board, but downright white when compared to the Luft board below. Is this a HG board piped in a warm toned / dingy looking white, or is it a Fliegertruppe/Fallschirmjäger board made with piping that happens to be less colorfast than normal?


  8. Very nice ribbon bar. I believe this one came with a name when last sold. ;)

    Apologies for digging up an absolutely archaic post, but through a peculiar combination of familial chaos and changing email addresses, notification of your reply slipped under my radar screen... If I had the info, I've managed to lose it in the shuffle. Do you know any more?

  9. Just got the bar in hand today. It's hard to tell with absolute certainty if the background color of the mystery ribbon was indeed a cool toned white to begin with, or if it was indeed a blue. I'm not seeing any evidence of fading on the front, when comparing that to the back.

    Comparing the spacing and size of the stripes, it really does lineup much better with the Manchukuo than the Hessian decoration. Also, if that were the Hessian decoration, wouldn't the proper order of precedence be Hindenburg Cross --> Hessian --> Olympic?

  10. Trying to track down the identity of the last ribbon on this ribbon bar, and one suggestion that I've heard is that it might be the Lithuanian Knight's Cross of the Order of Vytautas the Great, or the Bronze Medal of the Order of Vytautas the Great. Could those of you more familiar with that decoration let me know if that is indeed plausible, and if so, possibly clue me in as to who typically received this award and under what circumstances they received it?



  11. A very nice ribbon bar combo.

    The holes are most likely for Wehrmacht Long Service devices rather than any other kind of long service imo....hard to say whether Heer or Luftwaffe.

    Best wishes


    I agree. Offhand, I can't think of any other scenarios where you would have two long service ribbons on a bar, whereupon both would have had a device. (I can think of some scenarios where one might have a device, and the other not.)

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