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  1. Instituted on 19 February 1995 and awarded to military and civilian components, units of the border service, border guards in border outposts 12 and 13, the Moscow border detachment of the Federal Border Service in the Republic of Tajikistan, for courage in dealing with combat tasks in the protection of state borders.
  2. Instituted on 19 February 1995, it is awarded to military and civilian components, units of the Federal Border Service deployed in the North Caucasus and the Caucasus, for distinction in the performance of military duties with the highest rates in the service and training that have made a concrete contribution to the protection and defense of state borders, strengthening military discipline and education personnel.
  3. BIO Colonel General Dutov Born to a peasant family in the village Pukasovka Letichevskogo district, Vinnytsia region. His military service began in 1929, in 1934 he was appointed to a position in the financial service of the army and moved up to be the treasurer of the divisional headquarters. Dutov served as chief of the financial department of the fronts: the North-West, Southwest, Stalingrad, Don, Central and 1st Bielorussian. During the war, he emerged as a natural and outstanding manager and leader who was able to provide funding for troops in the most difficult of combat situations an
  4. Instituted by decree of the Defense Minister on 7 November 2006. Awarded for outstanding personal contribution to the development and improvement of the financial and economic capabilities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, for improving the social protection of the Armed Forces while demonstrating the highest professional and business qualities; to military and civilian personnel of financial and economic bodies of the Armed Forces who have served in these bodies for 10 years or more; to citizens of the Russian Federation, dismissed from military service after 20 years or more an
  5. BIO Colonel-General Vladimir Karpovich Pickalov - Head of chemical troops of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR. Born September 15, 1924 in the town of Armavir, Krasnodar. Joined the Red Army in June 1941. Graduated from the Rostov Artillery School In February 1942. But even while in school, took part in the battles in the approaches to Rostov in October and November 1941. Sent to the front immediately upon graduation, he fought in the West, Don, Stalingrad, steppes, and on the Belorussian fronts. Took part in the battles of Moscow, Voronezh, Stalingrad and Kursk. He held mul
  6. Award document for the award bestowed upon veterans and civilians.
  7. Instituted in 2006 by Decree of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation. Awarded to soldiers and civilian personnel of the Armed Forces, as well as other citizens of the Russian Federation, for providing assistance in solving the tasks entrusted to the federal government in the field of chemical disarmament. This smaller 4 corner mount is for award to civilians and veterans.
  8. BIO: Army General Margelov The legendary commander of airborne troops, "paratrooper No. 1" was born December 27, 1908 in Yekaterynoslav (now Dnipropetrovsk). Joined the Red Army in 1928 and in 1931 graduated from the Minsk Military School (formerly the Joint Belarusian military school). Served in the Russo-Finnish War of 1939-1940 as a battalion commander. Served in the Great Patriotic War as the Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander of a rifle division. In 1944, appointed commander of the 49th Guards Rifle Division of the 28th Army in the 3rd Ukrainian Front. Directs
  9. Instituted on 5 May 2005 by decree of the Defense Minister of the Russian Federation. Awarded to soldiers serving in airborne units for good service of 15 years or more subject to previously being awarded an insignia ?For Merit?, as well as members of the civilian staff for airborne troops that have served faithfully in airborne troops for more than 20 years. May also be awarded to veterans of airborne troops, in the airborne reserve or retired and having served 25 years or more, as well as military and civilian personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for personal contribution
  10. Bio. KRULEV, Andrey (1892 - 1962) Born September 30, 1892 into a poor peasant family in the village of Bolshaya Oleksandrivka St Petersburg province (now Kingisepp district, Leningrad region). Emprisoned for 6 months then deported to Estonia in 1912 for bolchevic activities. Red squad leader during the 1917 revolution. Became an active member of the communist party in 1918 holding various positions of authority including party administrative and military functions. In December 1928, became deputy chief of the political management of the Moscow Military District. In July 1930,
  11. Award document bearing the stamp of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation.
  12. Instituted on 10 July 2004 by Decree of the Defense Minister. Awarded to senior logistics officers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, to officials responsible for management, and that served for or have served in the armed forces for 20 years or more, as well as veterans of military service for great personal contribution to the organization of logistical troops.
  13. You have to understand this particular award was a short lived transitional design and is no longer awarded. There's a new Order of Friendship. Also, the original Soviet design had the center portion with the hammer and sickle in colour, the transitional design has no colour to these symbols.
  14. The organization in question calls itself the ex-presidium of the Supreme Soviet. They are incredibly well connected politically and have loads of cash. It is so bad that even serving members of the military and MVD wear these medals on their uniforms!
  15. I would've understood better myself had they opted for the double headed eagle without the royal crowns (with scepter and orb). It seems they never really gave it much thought and simply reverted to pre-communist heraldic emblems. The badge below is the cap badge for the border service's air component, to me, it makes "a bit" more sense.
  16. The document for the Medal of Admiral Gorshkov. It bares the stamp of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense.
  17. The cruiser "Kharkov" (later Baku for a short time), heavily modified with a flight deck enabling it to carry both helicopters and short take off fighters, was renamed the "Admiral Gorshkov" on 4 October 1990.
  18. Biography Sergei G. Gorshkov (26.02.1910 - 1988) - Soviet Admiral, twice Hero of the Soviet Union (1965 and 1982), laureate of the Lenin (1985) and State (1980) awards, Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union (1967). Born in the town of Kamenetz-Podolsk (now part of the Khmelnitsky region in the Ukraine). Joined the Navy in 1927. Served on ships of the Black Sea Fleet from 1931. Received command of a patrol boat in 1932, then command of multiple destroyers. In 1939, he was given command of a destroyer brigade, still in the Black Sea Fleet. He was given command of a brigade of cruisers jus
  19. The Medal of Admiral Gorshkov was instituted on 27 January 2003 by decree of the Defense Minister. It is awarded to members of the Navy for great personal contribution to the development, production, testing and putting into operation of ships, submarines, aircraft and other military equipment intended for the Navy in a timely manner and with high quality; running tests on ships, submarines, development of new aircraft; for the introduction of new constructive solutions to significantly improve the combat capabilities of weapons and military equipment; the successful development of weapons and
  20. Good Lord! Where did all of this come from? And here I was expecting to spend an all nighter just getting things rolling... Seems there has been interest for quite a while by quite a few people! :beer:
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