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  1. Chris, the blue Bavarian Litewka was replaced (by regulation) in March of 1916 by the Kleiner Rock. I'm sure, however, as this photo shows, that officer's with the former jackets did not pitch them. This guy is obviously in the homeland convalescing and has access to all of his uniforms. 

    I would think that the gray Schirmmütze would have been worn with the blue Litewka at least up until the time of the change to the Kleiner Rock and quite possibly beyond. 

  2. It depends. At least two popular free image posting services discontinued the free offering. So, all the links to the images on Photoshack and Photobucket were broken. I have heard just this week that one of these services might be restoring the free accounts, due to pressure from the community. I'm not sure if this will do anything in regard to restoring images on forums, however.

  3.  It has long been my thought that forces in the field that required new clothing issue items were supplied by whichever corps depot had the stocks on hand. Particularly convenient were the border corps that were the closest to the fighting. It doesn't make sense that every unit at the front had to be resupplied by its original corps Bekleidungsamt or a field depot representing each corps. I think that is one reason why we regularly see  caps with corps markings that don't make sense with regard to the field unit.

    Of course, original issuing for recruits in the homeland would continue to be from the corps B.A. and would be marked thusly.

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