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18 September 2011

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Greg Collins


Had a fairly uneventful weekend... largely overcast with temps in the 60's, which is a big change. Will probably heat back up prior to going cold for the winter. Had a couple of aftershocks (when will this end?). The rest of the chimney went with the one this morning- glad I wasn't standing under it! Anyway, had some time to pluck on the 12 string and shoot a bunch of images for a couple of galleries- my USSR and Mongolian galleries to be precise. These are still works in progress, although the Mongolian is just about finished (at least for now). Hope to begin the Bulgarian gallery soon.

Back to work tomorrow- not looking forward to it at all. Many changes; and most, I fear, will not work out at all. And a whole lot of work will go down the tubes before management comes to the realization that most criminals just don't care to "go straight". Most really do have contempt for society and the laws enacted... OK, I'll get off the "soapbox" now. Still, it is a paycheck and these are some rough times (worst I've seen, and I've been around since 1954). More later...

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Hi - Greg. Your blog is going well - although I missed the one about an earthquake - where are you living
- Hawaii ? I hope that some of these photos you are taking are going to appear in the Photo Competition ? We have used the new logo on both the plaques and the Certificate of Merit.
I will be sending you a Certificate - however, if you want one of the expensive plaques - you must win-it ! Mervyn

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Hawaii? Alas, no, but here in Virginia is where the quake happened- no one, except those of us who are "travelled", knew what was going on (not an everyday event here).

Sorry, but as I was concentrating on the galleries, that is where the photos can be seen. Time to let someone else win something ;-).


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"Many changes; and most, I fear, will not work out at all."

You said it! Same story here. Maybe only with a little higher order of stupidity and incompetence. Day- and-night-around-the-clock.

"Still, it is a paycheck..."

Exactly! Sometimes you don`t have even that (my life story all way throught 90s).

"...this are some rough times ..."

I think soon enough we`ll see something much much worse... But don`t worry - I`ve got your back :) So far only in Moscow...But who knows... With all this globalisation nonsence :)

P.S. How you become so interested in faleristics?

P.P.S. Sorry for my importunity :)

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How did I become interested in faleristics... hmmmmm. Kind of a weird story but, bear with me. As you may know, I recently had the honour of having an example of my art chosen as the GMIC logo. Well, I've been doing this type of thing for awhile (degree in Commercial Art/Photography). You may or may not know that my politics are decidedly "red". Given these facts, I was, several years back, requested to produce a body of art by a political entity that is, shall we say, decidedly "left of center". OK, fine, no problem... but, as I got into the art at hand, I found I needed some examples to study- just images would be fine.

Went to our favorite auction site and began to get ideas akimbo and noticed the prices (for what I was looking at at that moment) weren't prohibitive at all, so I went ahead and bought a few examples; you know, just to have around in case I needed a "muse". Well, one thing lead to another and I got bitten by the "collector bug" and have been one ever since. So, in a nutshell, art lead to my collecting.

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Nice story. Thanks Grag. Now I don`t need to ask why your primery interest USSR and ex-communist block countries ...:) Even GMIC logo resembles KGB honor badge :):):)

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