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  1. ВПУ = Higher Political School Issued by Higher Political School of MVD /Internal Ministry USSR/ in Leningrad. Screw plate variation.
  2. Looks like a homemade case. Somebody adapted (so to speak) a case for jewelry or clothing accessories.
  3. Now that's what I call a delicate approach to attribution.
  4. Six years after ... Impressive! Both crosses are originals. Both issued to the same man. 3rd class 62 915 Zajaz Daniel/Заяц Даниил 32 art. brigade, 6 battery, ensign. For courage and bravery in battles with the Austrians from 05.05 to 04.06.1915. 4th class 70 120 Zajaz Daniel/Заяц Даниил 32 art. brigade, 6 battery, ensign. For distinctions rendered in fights against the enemy. Best, Others
  5. P.S. Just in case. The correct translation of the name of the badge Navy short-term active service completion badge. It was issued for completion of two year navy service tour to the graduates of civil universities (doctors, some engineering disciplines, etc). They were given the ranks of junior officers and served according to their specialties.
  6. No name. The case is not original to the badge. Looks like somebody tried to write (with the modern ballpoint pen) Navy [Imperial Military] Reservist Association Badge Stamp of the case manufacturer is on the other side of the lid.
  7. These are manufactured by Worcestershire Medal Service Ltd. Original case. Process of manufacturing https://videos.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2021/09/24/9111162141507995969/1024x576_MP4_9111162141507995969.mp4
  8. This is souvenir patriotic badge that was made in Estonia somewhere between 1990 and 1992. It is marked with soviet mark that belong to Tallinn assay office. Letter Э stands for Эстония = Estonia. It is hardly possible. Since 1965 there were only five purity silver marks in USSR: 750, 800, 875, 916, 960. So it must be 916. After 1992 Estonia started to use 999, 925, 830 and 800 purity marks. Workshop used soviet hallmarks because new national hallmarks were formally introduced only in 1992 (and started to be used only in 1993).
  9. 5th class is original Meiji piece. Case and ribbon both match the badge. 4th class is also Meiji era piece. The enamel is "sick" https://asiamedals.info/threads/when-japanese-orders-are-getting-sick.12614/ Also the upper part of the sword is bent. Somebody turned over the ribbon (so it looks newer). The rosette was added to the ribbon much later. Same goes for the wrong case in which this piece was sold. Best, Nick
  10. I don't think so. I always looked at it as a commemorative souvenir piece. In this condition somewhere around 50 bucks. Give or take ...
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