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  1. Well, judge for yourself https://www.emedals.com/europe/italy/badges/air-force Best, Nick
  2. If my memory serves me right the badge without crown was originally intended for civil pilot's (pilota brevetto 1° grado) but after september 1943 was used as military pilot badge by RSI.
  3. Nice badges. Classical Johnson. This type of badge was introduced in 1935 and was in use until 1943. Illustration from 1937 regulation. Doc that would be accompanied by such wings (this example from 1938).
  4. Most likely this is a badge for an instructor of association since one of its objectives was "military education and training". But the exact "destination" of these badges is not known to me (as per today). P.S. Replica of this badge from (the very same) Nakata.
  5. Nakata showed a later variant of this badge in his catalogue. Source.
  6. Yes, obvious connection with Imperial Military Reserve Association. "Time served" is a very unfortunate (and wrong) translation of 帝国在郷軍人会. The Journal of Asian Studies, Vol. 30, No. 4 (Aug., 1971), pp. 815-828
  7. This piece was made by Chobillon, Paris. 1912 catalogue. Source.
  8. 100 anniversary of the Paulovskiy infantry school badge. Established on December 7, 1898. The monogram of Nicholas II is lost.
  9. Fake. Chistopol school of warrant officers/Szkole chorąży Chistopolskiej https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chistopol
  10. It`s not the questions of "how many badges were needed" in order to "fulfill". It`s the question of choice. What badge in what material and what quality one needed (or could afford). + Naturally there were thousands and thousands of potential cavaliers.
  11. There were at least a dozen of different manufactures of these badges. For example this is how details of the badge from the Shafer workshop looks like. I wonder how (and why) anyone should compare officially made orders with privately made badges. Once again: Keibel and Eduard pieces are very similiar because they were official contractors (and should follow strict Kapitul requirements).
  12. No it isn`t. Both badges made by the same technology. This is because you are trying to compare orders that was made by official Kapitul contractors with badges that was made by private independent workshops. That's probably not a good idea.
  13. Well known replica. We gonna need the pictures from the auction since in a few months the link will be dead and this thread useless.
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