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  1. I am afraid the color of the cord (red/purple ) doesn`t correlate with order (rising sun/sacred treasure). Superior private Infantry 笠山和三耶 - Kasayama Kazumaya Another possibility 笠山和三郎 - Kasayama Wasaburō I`ll look at the others a little bit later.
  2. I don`t think that it was intended only for participants of the 1920 incident. Looks like propogandical memorabilia Best, Nick
  3. That`s an interesting one. Jiandao (Korea) connection. Obverse June 1933 間島在住朝鮮人一同 - all korean residents of Jiandao Reverse 出征記念 - expedition commemoration 間島派遺軍 - Jiandao expeditionary army See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gando_massacre
  4. This is a collar emblem for officer cadets that was introduced in 1943.
  5. Looks nice. Could be the european work.
  6. JapanX

    ask for help

    Case lid reads 記念 - commemorative Looks like a civil badge.
  7. Yes, so called field cases. This one (rising sun) was captured during Khalkhin Goal/Nomonghan in 1939.
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