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  1. This is 井 / i / Unidentified as per today.
  2. Yes, St.Petersburg mint in the process of making St.Gerge crosses back in 1915.
  3. Sounds like you have quite a garage there.
  4. Yes, these are fakes. For example P.S. I am a rare visitor of this section.
  5. JapanX

    7th class Rising Sun

    Danny, what is the source of this info?
  6. Paul, you gotta be kidding me
  7. Хрущель Станислав — 64 пех. Казанский полк, ефрейтор. Пожалован Государем Императором через командированного в 1-ю армию Генерал-Адъютанта князя Белосельского-Белозерского за отличие в боях. Khrushel Stanislav - 64th Kazan infantry regiment, corporal. Awarded by the adjutant-general prince Beloselsky-Belozersky for the distinction in battles. Somewhere around 1915.
  8. JapanX

    7th class Rising Sun

    All 7th class badges without enamel at reverse that I saw with documents (in more or less reliable groups) were afterwar awards.
  9. Zimmermann could use Saniolmamalek tablet as a model. I`ve seen this type of lion in german medal bar once. Well, let`s wait and see if I we can find another example of Zimmermann work. Then we can make much more reliable conclusion. Best, Nick
  10. By unique combination of awards of course. Many years' experience in cross-analysis of rank lists
  11. I`d say the closest (by iconography) will be Saniolmamalek, Tegran. Another known variation from Saniolmamalek.
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