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  1. Obverse Merit badge reverse Osaka Seinen-dan/Young Men's Corps (a.k.a. Youth League) https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/青年団 1934 This badge was made in pure silver by Shobido workshop in Osaka.
  2. Nice cased specimen. It looks like once it was in a medal bar.
  3. 陸軍看護手 - army nurse 鴨下藤吉 - Tokichi Kamoshita 任陸軍三等看護長 - army 3rd class chief nurse №2 issued to the same person only 殿 - Mr. added after the name №1 issued to the 鴨下文吾 - Bungo Kamoshita. Looks like some educational award.
  4. 祭文 - address to the gods [originally - type of song which spread from mountain hermits to the laity during the Kamakura era] See https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/祭文 Dated April 13, 1906
  5. 貯金通帳 - Livret épargne 卒業證書 - Graduation certificate 鴨下藤吉 - Tokichi Kamoshita 高等小學校教科ヲ卒業 - graduated from a high school March 31, 1897
  6. P.S. Basic info about 奏任官 / sōninkan https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/奏任官
  7. The back of the photo reads November 3, 1899 天長節撮影 - photographed at Emperor's Birthday 従六位 - Junior Sixth Court Rank 勲六等 - 6th class [order of] merit (so now we know that he is wearing 6th class sacred treasure order) 伊谷脩 - Itani Osamu Best, Nick
  8. He is wearing court uniform for civil official. There were three highest subcategories of civil officials. Imperial appointees / 勅任官 / chokuninkan Non-Imperially appointed senior officials / 奏任官 / sōninkan Junior officials / 判任官 / hanninkan He is Sōninkan. Original line drawings for Sōninkan uniform. This is how it looks en personne.
  9. 阪(?)井 - Sakai + 鴨緑江 - Yalu river https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yalu_River 軍工兵大隊 - army engineer battalion 征露記念 - in commemoration of conquest of Russia
  10. 新井 - Arai 野施兵 - field artillery 第十八聯隊 - 18th Regiment 谷川 - Tanigawa 満期記念 - in commemoration of discharge
  11. 海軍滿期記念 - in commemoration of full-term service (completion) in the Navy 池田 - Ikeda 退営記念 - in commemoration of demobilization 歩兵第九聯隊 - 9th Infantry Regiment 寺本 - Teramoto
  12. Well, I don`t currently have the first edition of his book, so I can`t look it up. But what I know is that first two volume set was published back in 2010 in Izhevsk. And indeed at page 156 there was a part devoted to the K.A.G. crosses (described simply as "K.A.G. marking"). Now if my memory serves me right the very first time he mentioned Franz Kühmayer as a possible owner of the K.A.G. mark was at the Feldgrau forum back in 2012 https://www.feldgrau-forum.com/threads/ek2-1914-hersteller-k-a-g-800.28885/ Back then he wrote: Falls mir gelingen wird, die
  13. Well, not exactly. We are talking about two different editions of his multi-volume work. The early one was published in two volumes. The later one was published in four volumes.
  14. In the last edition of his book (Vol. 2, p. 28) these crosses described as follows. 15.0. K.A.G. mark 1st class iron crosses made by an unidentified firm ...
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