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  1. $1000 + Can`t give you the exact estimate.
  2. The medal looks original. The ribbon is a later replacement. Don`t.
  3. This is vice-admiral Fukuda Ryouzou. He got 1st class of sacred treasure order on July 14, 1943. Naturally he shoudn`t wear two breast stars. Only one. This one. So he is violating the rules of wearing.
  4. Issued 06.04.1939 to 入江弥太郎 - Inoe (another variant Irii/Irie) Yataro
  5. Not the end of production but the highest known (to me) time coordinate (as per today) Yes, award 賞 from Republic of China Aviation Association /民國飛行會 Best, Nick
  6. These badge were issued at least until 1940. In fact there are three kind of badges. Badges on rising sun ribbon. Badges without ribbon. Badges on metal suspension.
  7. All (silver and gold) badges are simply merit badges. No higher classes or grades (judging by case insciptions). The left column states that this badge was made by one of two main manufacturers of these badges. Middle - name of the society. Right - name of the badge.
  8. I am afraid the color of the cord (red/purple ) doesn`t correlate with order (rising sun/sacred treasure). Superior private Infantry 笠山和三耶 - Kasayama Kazumaya Another possibility 笠山和三郎 - Kasayama Wasaburō I`ll look at the others a little bit later.
  9. I don`t think that it was intended only for participants of the 1920 incident. Looks like propogandical memorabilia Best, Nick
  10. That`s an interesting one. Jiandao (Korea) connection. Obverse June 1933 間島在住朝鮮人一同 - all korean residents of Jiandao Reverse 出征記念 - expedition commemoration 間島派遺軍 - Jiandao expeditionary army See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gando_massacre
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