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  1. As far as I remember these cases were manufactured for all classes of RS and ST orders (from 1st to 8th).
  2. Indeed. He was podpraporshchik. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podpraporshchik https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranks_and_insignia_of_the_Russian_armed_forces_until_1917
  3. Hi Nick, you helped me out some time back regarding a relative. I had a follow up question that related to what his military rank was?

    1. JapanX
    2. Locktsar


      Thanks - much appreciated. Been a while since I was on this forum but we have just returned from a research trip in Finland. Much has happened since you last helped me. Amongst many things I have found his final resting place and head stone in Sweden as well as the official documentation from when he died and what was left of his estate (which was nothing). Recently came across some documentation from the Finnish Border Guards when he left Russia in 1927 after being wanted by the GPU at the time. Already enough material for a book I think ...

  4. JapanX

    Long live the Emperor.

    This is a medal from Ise Jingu Shrine 伊勢神宮拜 https://www.isejingu.or.jp/en/
  5. 陸軍特別志願兵合絡出章 - Army Special Volunteers Union badge 國民精柮終動員 - National Spiritual Mobilization Movement https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Spiritual_Mobilization_Movement 朝鮮聯明 - Korea
  6. JapanX

    Japanese shield...?

    海軍検定褒賞 - Navy Proficiency Award 昭和十三年 - 1938
  7. Yes, this is a variation of the case for this badge. Judging by the construction features it could belong to the late 30s+ time period.
  8. Yes, only "emergency" and "сrow's nest" can compete in rarity contest with this beauty
  9. This is a case for a very rare badge. 操舵優等徽章 Steering [of a ship/submarine] superior class badge.
  10. 50-60 bucks for both of them seems like a fair price. At least for me Regards, Nick
  11. This badge was issued in 1932 for participation in the army special large scale maneuvers held in Osaka prefecture. It is made in pure silver by Shobido workshop in Osaka.
  12. This one was issued by Tokyo city in commemoration of emperor [Taisho] enthronement. December, 1915. The case is original to the badge. We gonna need a reverse for the second one, Tom. Best, Nick
  13. Here comes an exellent example. Unfilled But with photo
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