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    1. It's great news that you are able to appreciate my sweet tone and my kindness, dear Patrick. Ability to appreciate time and efforts of others is a rare commodity these days. So for example some of the residents of Staffordshire steppes are not even able to type two words "thank you." But let's go back to my kindness and sweetness. If it wasn't for them, I would have picked up some short articles from the early 00s that were published in the OMSA journal. Trust me, servant of evil could find many "sensitive matters" in these shorts. But that's not really my thing. Why? Because I am kind and sweet. Et voici le meilleur exemple pour le pratiquer. Sincères salutations, Nick
    2. The correct translation of reverse was already presented above. First of all there is a word commemorative [honor medal]. Secondly this is not a "Central Mint of China". This is the Central Engraving and Printing Plant /Zhōngyāng Yìnzhìchǎng/ a subsidiary of the Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan). https://www.cepp.gov.tw/EN "Central Mint of China" undertook the business of making official seals and national medals and orders only in 2005. In 1956 Taichung Plant /subsidiary of Central Engraving and Printing Plant/ of the Third Bureau of Presidential Office was restructured to “Medal and Seal Production Plant” responsible for manufacturing official seals and national awards. In 2005 "Medal and Seal Production Works" was dissolved, business of producing the seals and awards was handed over to Central Mint. + 3rd Bureau is not a "producer" but a production supervisor /監製 - to supervise production/. + Obviously in the present context 總統府 - Zǒngtǒng fǔ is not a Presidential Palace but an Office of the President. Lastly the name of the medal reads 保舉最優人員 Bǎojǔ zuì yōu rényuán 保舉 - Recommended [lit. recommend sb. for a post or award] 最優 - Best [optimal; finest] 人員 - Personnel In fact, the name of each medal should include individual year and be read as (in the present case) Commemorative Medal of Honor for the Best Personnel Recommended [for an award] in 1978
    3. Commemorative Medal of Honor for the Best Recommended Personnel that was issued in 1978 https://asiamedals.info/threads/medal-of-honor-for-the-best-recommended-personnel.28266/
    4. This is not 荼 but 蔡. https://asiamedals.info/threads/commander-of-the-armys-1st-division-cai-achievement-medal.28192/
    5. Yes, nice (and actually issued) 4th class Golden Kite order made by Japanese Mint after 1936. Looks like once it was inside a medal bar.
    6. Indeed a perfect fit. This veteran obviously didn`t care much about any rules ) Manchukuo National Foundation Merit Medal stands before all Japanese medals.
    7. Regarding badges with Kikusui symbol and "Kamikaze pilot badge" https://asiamedals.info/threads/badge-with-the-kikusui-floating-chrysanthemum-symbol.15339
    8. Perfectly possible combination for a post-war veteran medal bar/ribbon bar. Another example (from my personal collection).
    9. These are official census taker’s badges. Regulations, original designs, manufacturers and variations https://asiamedals.info/forums/census-badges.648/
    10. Sorry, missed this paragraph. As mentioned earlier breast star and neck badge belong to /approximately/ 1936-1940 time. As for the case, neck ribbon and miniature rosette - all three belong to the 1960+ time period. Most likely previous owner (or dealer) decided to "freshen up" this set. The correct case for such set should look like this After 1937/1938 silver inscription (with golden paulownia) is possible. Best, Nick
    11. Rare set that was issued somewhere around 1936-1940.
    12. Yes, it certainly is. This nice Kite was manufactured by the Mint during 1930s/early 1940s.
    13. We don`t need any proof since it is inside the 1942 regulation. He was not obliged to wear both, but could wear both.
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