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  1. These are indeed medals. "For service and diligence" 3rd grade in silver. Please note this ornament. We don`t have this ornament on our specimen, different design of central medallion, etc. Regards, Nick
  2. 山縣百合態 - Yamagata Yuritai 輜重兵 - Transportation Corps 特務曹長 /Tokumu Sōchō/ - Special Duty Sergeant Major Later (in 1928) 陸軍大尉 /Rikugun-Tai-i/ Captain The document is for 6th class rising sun. Issued on 05.11.1901 Looks like put together medal bar.
  3. Just in case. The back of the photo is stamped 高嶋正男 - Masao Takashima
  4. Such photos are known. Typical WW1 allied awarding. Anti-dilution protection for the ordre national de la légion d'honneur, so to speak Best, Nick
  5. Owain it reads "In memory of the war to the faithful servants [faithful slaves]. 1334 = 1915/1916 This is 1303 = 1885 The year when this chap "took the rudder". https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Сеид_Абдулахад-хан If my memory serves me right the order was established back in 1881. More like central medallion from the breast star (made by a local workshop) of lower class that somebody converted into medal. Best, Nick
  6. Sometimes you can find the name of the lacquer shop that made the case or even the name of the workshop that made the order. I`d say first quarter of XX century. On the reliability of this notorious "meiji style" for dating of japanese orders. Regards, Nick
  7. Thanks for the HQ photos. Appreciate it! I know this mark. Here comes another one. This is an old form of kanji 濤 Today it is written as 涛 It reads waves or billows. Most likely the first kanji in the name of the owner of the workshop. Unfortunately as per today the owner of this mark is not known. Any inscriptions at the back of the case?
  8. Ravs, photos of the mark is around 20 КБ. Barely readable. Please make HQ clear photo of the mark. Better photos of obverse/reverse (at 90 degrees angle) would be also great (since marked specimens are quite rare). Any inscription at the back of the case?
  9. When compared to some other soviets badges these are practically a safe bet
  10. Can`t say anything with certainty about this "shovel"/"лопата" (nickname for this type of badge that is used by russian collectors).
  11. Looks like a repair. Not a myth. So-called "самоделки"/"homemade" or in our case "basemade"
  12. Don't be such a pessimist! Another variation
  13. Well, I guess we can call this one "unofficial variation of 2014 type". See http://armznaki.ucoz.ru/index/otlichnik_vmf/0-62
  14. By these photos could be late original issue. Since 1987 they used cold enamel on these badges. The problem with this vintage is that there are replicas of this type from 2000s.
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