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  1. Thanks! Friends, show the signs. I think all it will be interesting.
  2. 5) Baden society of singing-Badischer Sangerbund.
  3. 4) Sign "Man's amateur choral society Germany" in the city of Wesermunde (till 1939 belonged to the Prussian province Hanover, after Bremen).
  4. The signs in silver and gold. Manufacturer Schmidhaussler Pfopzheim.
  5. The most rare variant of a sign-with white enamel.
  6. 2)The imperial union of fans of national music-Reichsverband of fur Volksmusik (RfV), medal in 25 years of membership and idle time.
  7. Hi,my freunds! Here such small collection of signs of musical societies of Germany of the period of the Third Reich.1)German society of singing-Deutscher Sangerbund (DSB), member signs on area Thuringia (honourable and simple).
  8. Friends, I welcome! I in a collection have such sign. It was all in a patina. I have a little cleaned it. A beautiful sign. A heavy file. Bronze. Somebody has in a collection such sign? :beer: