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  1. A closer look at the forestry bayonet, and its markings, that started this thread. markings: Unit mark to crossguard: Letter "H" stamped into spine. On a closer look, and nearly missed...the following maker marks on the frog stud which I take to be for the maker and supplier of the scabbard + a Roman numeral 3, I think.
  2. I believe that the crown over Erfurt stamp was the acceptance mark for the Imperial arsenal in Erfurt - Thuringia....the mark with the thin crown being used from 1911 to 1917.
  3. The only sawbacked bayo I've ever owned.... M1884-98 Mauser Bayonet for NCO.
  4. Oh, good...a man who knows his wound badge makers. Daniel, any ideas on the maker of this silver 1st pat?
  5. Both look to be nice originals... Having the urkunde for the 2nd class Luftschutz medal will up the value, if sold as a set. As to values... these change from continent to continent so best to do an internet search.
  6. i have looked many times and i never could find it. but i have now. 

    Very weird! 
    Thanks tough

    1. J Temple-West

      J Temple-West

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  7. official vehicle plaque for the 1933 Deutscher Luftsportverband (DLV) Air Show held in Saxony
  8. So, as to classes... 1st class (pin back), 2nd class attached to a ribbon by way of an eyelet and ring soldered to the top of the cross. As to variants...this pertains to the way that a cross can be attributed to a particular maker (if no maker mark is present) as each maker has different die characteristics, finishing, pin/hinge/catch etc. To make things even more complicated, crosses, by a particular maker, may have used more than one die and different materials in the production process but there is usually, how ever small, an indicator as to who the maker was....if not, these crosses are , and this goes for the entire range of awards and badges of the time, classed as 'maker unknown'
  9. Enamel paint. A couple more showing the same finish. 1st pattern..cut out 2nd pattern.
  10. Hi, Martin Firstly, and on a lighter note...we are all friends here so there is no need to stand on ceremony ...It's John. Right...yes, I would say that the pin has, at some point, has been replaced...when is anybody's guess. Still a nice example though. The only time that it may become an issue is when the day comes that you decide to sell it on to perhaps upgrade to an all original example. two examples by Schickle/Mayer
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