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  1. Gents, Thanks for your replys. Your answers are as I expected. Many thanks.
  2. Gents, I have a photo taken in England in 1940 (no specific date shown) of a relative wearing a ribbon bar & would like opinions as to whether he would be eligible at that time to wear ribbons. He enlisted in Australia in the 2/2nd Railway Construction Coy. Royal Australian Engineers on 29/4/1940 as a Private/Sapper. He arrived in England on 18/7/1940 and left England for Egypt on 5/1/1941. The photo is indistinct so I can't make out the ribbon designs, however the bar does cover the full width of his battle jacket top left pocket. Interestingly the photo also includes a chap who enlisted at the same time as my relative and he isn't wearing any ribbons. Is it likely that this private soldier would be eligible to wear WW2 ribbons at this time? Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, I hope I haven't jumped in at the wrong place, but his new member asks: Can anyone please tell me between what years was the Special Constabulary LS Medal with George V Coinage head issued? I have looked at the 2011 Medal Yearbook but can't tell. Thanks. Freckles.