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  1. You are correct there was a mention of Collins Scouts, I also found the info on Sandtfontein very informative. thks
  2. Hello Chris, I have been researching the early stages of the 1915 war in GSWA for some time and have been primarily interested in the intergration of the Boer Commando Units into the South African Union Army. I am trying to find out where Collins Scouts were deployed during the GWSA campaign, also were they part of the Ermelo Commando or did they simpily comprise of men within Military District No.6 region? Horses I understand were the main source of transport during the GSWA campaign as within two months no fewer than eight Base Veterinary Hospitals and 15 Mobile Veterinary Sections were drafted for service to German South West Africa. In addition personnel had been provided for the establishment of numerous remount and transport depots, and for attachment to all the mounted formations, Animal Ships and Purchasing Boards. In the end services had to be provided for 160,000 animals (60,000 horses, 12,000 odd mules and close on 3,000 donkeys passed through the various veterinary hospitals during the course of the Rebellion and the GSWA Campaign). However did the Mounted regiments in GSWA use any form of mechanised vehicles?