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  1. Hi, thanks, no, I will get one soon, just wondering how covid is effecting the mail in your area, and covid and brexit in the EU. France to Germany 2-3 days no problem... UK to Germany may not arrive at all, or with great delays... bought a keyring off UK ebay, 2 weeks to arrive.
  2. Over the years i have on occasion picked up a badge or two from my old regiment, simply because of the variety and the variations... the Obverse less so, but the reverse is a collecting field all on its own... Most prolific are the Drago pieces, but even there there are many variations... Still a small collection... but I add to it bit by bit when i see them going cheap....
  3. I love the quality of these... I think this regiment had way above average quality boards as far as quality of work went... I know, it is not Bavarian, but they will help me get Bavarian 😉
  4. Illegal copies are not allowed to be posted here. The magazine survives by people paying to read it and would die if people chose to post illegal copies instead.
  5. Probably the best Studio photo for a Colonial soldier I have ever seen.. taken in Tsingtao....
  6. Going through my documents I found these again... the First one to Oslkar Rösch, which is OK in itself... the one to Johann Resch is way more interesting, badly wounded in the fighting, he ended up in captivity in Australia, as opposed to Japan.... He was part of the original OMD (Although not during the Boxer rebellion.. "16.) Johann Breth aus Kettenheim war Seesoldat in der 1. Kompanie des Ostasiatischen Marine-Detachements und wurde bei Kampfhandlungen schwer verwundet. Er kam in englische Gefangenschaft. Lageraufenthalte in Hongkong und in Australien. Entlassung bereits im März
  7. That is funny, my wife's Grandfather was also a country doctor after WW2, up into the 50s he was also often paid with eggs and vegetables!
  8. Very interesting! I have a side collection of documents, Photos, awards to the 12th bavarian Inf regt.... have never seen the 100 Year medal mounted on a bar!
  9. I have had this WW1 Bottle for some time... I think I once was told it was probably Canadian... The ones I see online seem to have a leather strap... on the 10-15 years I have had it I have not seen another one... can anyone help here? What do i have?
  10. That is nice. When i see Zweidorn I think they must have souvenired a lot of French and Austrian belts.
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