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  1. I saw this online today... What a career! The Famous/Infamous 32 Battalion "The Terrible ones" ... then the Recces... this gentlemen was part of some legendary units in the old South African Army... "WO Victor Banazol (Sargento Ajudante), former 5 Recce Operator died earlier today (24.01.21). Victor served with the Portuguese Army in Angola, with the DRAGÕES Regiment. After the Portuguese leftist revolution of 1974, Victor joined the FNLA briefly before being integrated into the South African Defense Force with 32 Battalion. In 1978 our Brother Victor was transferred to the Special Fo
  2. Hi, Am I correct in reading "Augenleiden"? Any guesses what the word after that is`? Thanks Chris
  3. There is one thing I know 100% what is going on. from personal experience... the woman with the huge hat is saying to her husband "I met you when you were a soldier... you did not have that bloody big belly back then..." And the kid is thinking "I want to be a machine gunner!" And the woman on the bike thinks "I want a machine gunner!"
  4. Someone pointed out the two old guys on the left are those "know it all" veterans you always see saying "They are doing it all wrong!!"
  5. This was a short lived thing I think... so photos will be rare
  6. Yeah, it is one of a bunch a French Friend pulled out of a river... in pretty good nick, protected by the mud...
  7. Have to figure it out. The 6 regular pencils is a sure thing. I think the small square pocket an eraser, the rounded one a perfect compass fit... I assume 2 bigger pencils left and right... then other mapping necessities... I am thinking this is not your usual officers/NCOs mapcase... the Swiss have a special case for staff officers, which takes more than the normal mapcase... I assume this was designed for a smaller staff and had some extras.
  8. I knew I still had one somewhere... My thought is that some clever case maker thought it was going to be a 14-15 war... and made these... and on 31 December 1915 he thought "Bugger!" ... and on the 1st of jan 1916 he was making plain 1914 ones again... I cannot say which cross came with it... mixing and matching has been order of the day since the first collector got his hands on 2 cased crosses... mine is also blue velvet
  9. OK, these are obviously not issue, they are tailor made, but in a more or less “military” style with the watch pocket and a lining material… I think it may be just the perfect trousers for a dummy of an early war Bavarian soldier with Cord Stiefelhose, Gamaschen and mountain boots? Of course, there is no way to date it 100%... it is old, does not have wear in any of the places riding pants do, so was not used for horse riding… but it could possibly be party or SA? Not sure if they wore stuff like that… But I think it has a very Bavarian WW1 look
  10. OK... so now I had the fitting compass, a march calculator, and a single period thick pencil .... I needed to start on the 6 thin pencils... a couple of grey and some colored one.... lets look for grey.... from the thick brown one I had a WW1 era logo to go by for one maker... but none on ebay at the moment... plenty with later logs... but A.W. Faber was also around back then... I found some WW1 era mechanical pencil lead by them from the WW1 era... and 5 Grey pencils of varying ages.... one of which was their WW1 era log...
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