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  1. Wolf died at Stalingrad on the 31 december 1942, served in the 20th Infantry Regiment 1917-18
  2. I have not had time to research this, but he is mentioned in the Reichsarchive as a company Führer in the 24th IR just outside of douaumont during a French counter attack, he put up a brave fight and returned with just 6 survivors in his company... I do not have the full regimental history... but I am sure he is mentioned a time ot three. There is no EK2 document, on occasion this was never handed out for early war awards, so that is possible in this case. I found a prewar pic of him... unfortunately a really early one.....
  3. OK, nothing super rare, but the regimental award is pretty scarce, much more so actually mounted.... apparently for men who were with the regiment on the Yser in 1914.
  4. This found its way into my trade box..... nothing earth shattering and the condition is not great... but it "is what it is"....
  5. Anyone have one of these in the collection? Unfortunately not Bavarian.....
  6. Here are some pics.... on the one with the musicians you can see a bit of variety with the shields....
  7. Indeed... the guy in the middle has the Freikorps von Epp lion badge in the front of the helmet! I have never seen that before...
  8. Has anyone ever seen one of these, either in pictures or in the flesh?
  9. “My Friend Jakob, died 13. July 1916”. Jakob Berger, holding the rifle, was wounded by bullets in the lungs and arm at Fleury. Ater a seemingly impossible trip to the rear die died in the field hospital at Azannes on the 13th July.
  10. Hi, sorry, indeed I was... fitted perfectly and I was able to find him Best Chris
  11. I wonder if those coins will tarnish faster than others? 🙂
  12. hi guys, for an article I am running late on... can anyone guess the name of the friend killed in action? Thanks Chris
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