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  1. I should very probably know this... can anyone tell me who this is? Thanks Chris
  2. Agree... I am happy with the group.... I must admit I am not inclined to keep all the souveniers... he has a fetish for those bells you buy at tourist shops... and badges and kit traded from other armies usually have a meaning to the dude himself and do not add to the group... So I may end up keeping just his stuff.... This was kinda cool....
  3. This was given to a Legionnaire ... see here.... in Afghanistan... Is it just a Generic army coin of USSF?
  4. he was one time ivory coast, 3 times Afghannistan. Some of his trading souvenirs are in the box as well, stuff he traded from the US, Dutch etc... There is a boonie hat he traded from a marine... he is totally convinced the marines are the US foreign legion... "The Army are Americans... the Marines are like the Legion... all foreigners... Mexicans and stuff... they speak Spanish... like the Spanish Legion! " ... also an ADN beret he insists is USSF... I think it is 82nd... he was astounded it was made in Vietnam... having said that, many French badges have the tradional companies names on them... but are made in Vietnam... Being the fool that I am I paid a price I will never get back if I ever had to sell it....
  5. I met up with an Ex Legionnaire today and am lucky enough to be the new depository for his Legion goodies.... The rocker with russian writing actually says "Legion Etrangere" in Russian!! The 4th Escadron is a Recon unit and is equipped with the 3 Man VBLs, He had a tour in the Ivory coast and 3 Tours to Afghanistan.
  6. Just got a Silver "Officers" badge from An officer who was Platoon then company commander, then chief of the Operations staff in 2 REI and later commander of the 1st Foreign legion regiment. Market Value maybe EUR40, with missing attach maybe EUR25? So no real financial value but worth waaay more to me because of the attribution...
  7. Agree... by coincidence I had a little bag of these pins and used them to mount medals.
  8. Here are a couple of loose ones from the group of a Legion Colonel.... I think the one is theater made? The bar is paper thin...
  9. Would mean different values in the collecting market.... which has the smallest population?
  10. A great loss to the community... on an egotistical level "i have so many things I was meaning to ask chip about...."
  11. I fail to see how anyone can guesstimate that? Is there a central list of surviving medals? Years ago an author wrote "there are 12 known surviving examples of the Germanic proficiency Rune"... which begged the question.. "known to who?" Since then we have seen there are many more than that... And if John says "i know of six" and Peter says "I know of eight" does that men there are 14, or are 5 known to john known to peter as well?
  12. A small version of the regimental flag presented to the Regimental commander of the 2 REI (1974-76) and a photo of the commander of the 1 RE with his miniature.....
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