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  1. The question is.... at that late stage in the war did they really have the time/means/material to design and put something like this into production for such a small group of men, or did they use an item that was already in existence?
  2. Jup, thats the book. Not really what I collect... but how could I refuse? 🙂
  3. Just recieved this booklet produced and sold by Godet for 1 Reichsmark. It is not a catalog, just a few of pages about different mountings, 4-5 color plates with different German and Foreign awards, some ads for their products and services, 15 pages in all.... was published just before the Hindie Kreuz was established as it shows 2 of the most comman pre Hindie service medals for WW1....
  4. Hi, I just bought this 7.65mm holster... does anyone know if it is German? Basically the same size as the Generic WW1 German 7.65 holsters.
  5. The Tunic of a young officer, who died just a month after being promoted to Leutnant der Reserve... probably explaining the condition of the Bluse... He served in the 20th then 19th Füß Artillery....
  6. I am run off my feet at the moment... but managed 10 minutes of "me time" to shoot this... lighting is bad, but I am improving.....
  7. There is a definate preference for non officer items.... but on the other hand, officer things are infinitly moe researchable. Fantastic buy!!! and IMHO the price was OK
  8. There are indeed Krätzchen which had period added peaks... even issue ones with added peaks... and the grey strap does not have to belong to the cap, it is a moveable part after all... what I personally do not like is the label... it makes me think either a copy, or an original piece sexied up with a label....
  9. Hello Chris

    As a fellow WW1 historian, I would very much appreciate if you could reply to my emails about your photographs of ski troops.

    Many thanks


    1. Chris Boonzaier

      Chris Boonzaier

      Hi, sorry, will see to it this evening, Best, Chris

    2. IGB


      Hi Chris

      Thanks for getting back to me. I will be able to use the screen shot okay. Just checking I have your permission to use this photo.

      Best wishes


  10. I good friend knew i have been looking for a set of 88s for years and years and years... he had 3 straps... 2 matched perfectly from behind (lets call them 1 and 2) 1 and 2 had the backs made with scraps of material. However 1 + 2 were different on the front... well, technically the same, however, you could see a different person had sewn them, taking more or less care on different parts.... strap 3 was totally different on the back, but it looks to be the same hand that made the front as strap 1. Am I right in thinking the fronts were hand sewn on a sheet, cut out, and delivered to the next clothing factory who sewed them together using whatever backing was left over? Anyway, I am very happy, matching fronts were more important to me... and this will go on my Feldgrau tunic where the wearer was originally in the 88....
  11. Hello Chris

    I got in touch a while ago about some of your pictures of ski troops with kS98. My book on the kS98 bayonet is nearing completion and I wanted your permission to use the attached photo. It was a screen shot from your website and I think you were unable to find the original to send me a high resolution image - would love to get this if possible but can make do with what I have.

    Best wishes

    Chris B.png

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