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  1. That's the best picture I can take close up with the camera I have. Its made of brass and it looks to me if its either first or second world war. I do not think that its a made up piece. Its the size of a normal cap badge for the ww1 ww2 period.
  2. Hi there, Is this a WW1 cap badge from either a British or Commonwealth Country. I would be very grateful for some information if you have it. Cheers, Alan
  3. Thanks very much for your help. Cheers, Alan
  4. Hi there, I'm having problems trying to find James Francis George who was awarded a George V1 Imperial Service Medal. I have tried the London Gazette (they have recently updated their site) but can't find it. I would be most grateful for some assistance! Cheers, Alan
  5. Alan Taylor

    Trench Maps

    Hi again, You have mentioned using your war diaries. I am a member of Ancestry.co.uk and in the past I have had to go to Kew to try and view the war diaries and have had a lot of prblems in doing so. Is there any easier way of looking these up or buying the complete diary of the regiment. Cheers, Alan
  6. Alan Taylor

    Trench Maps

    Hi there, Is there a site that you can download some of these maps. I collect WW1 war medals and research the soldiers whos medals they are, It would be interesting to view these maps if I could get the correct areas. Cheers, Alan
  7. Hi there, I have listed below the LS SC medals that I have. Is there any way that I could access any of the lists that you have mentioned. Again I would be glad for any assisstance to get me on the right track. Cheers, Alan Police Medals Special C Allison F Geo V WW1 Fred Special C Anderson J G Geo V WW1 John Special C Ashworth J Geo V WW1 John Special C Brunger R Geo V WW1 Robert Special C Buxton E Geo V WW1 Elias Special C Colledge J Geo V WW1 James Special C Goodwin G Geo V WW1 George Special C Greatorex G R Geo V WW1 George Special C Jackson C W Geo V WW1 Charles Special C Kay J Geo V WW1 John Special C Luckarlet F Geo V WW1 Fredrick Special C Riddell J W Geo V WW1 John Special C Rolls A Geo V WW1 Arthur Special C Sayer H E Geo V WW1 Harry Special C Tinkler G W Geo V WW1 George W Special C Underwood W Geo V WW1 William Special C Vincent H Geo V WW1 Harold Special C Willey W Geo V WW1 Walter Special C Counter W H Geo V WW1 William (uncrowned George V head) Special C Deans H T Geo V WW1 Harry Thurston (uncrowned George V head) Special C Fry C Geo V WW1 Cecil (uncrowned George V head) Special C Hooper W Geo V WW1 William (uncrowned George V head) Special C Rothery J E Geo V WW1 Joseph (uncrowned George V head) Special C unnamed Geo V WW1 (uncrowned George V head) Special C Barroll T Geo V1 WW2 Thomas brother was a M M winner in the M G C Special C Berry N W Geo V1 WW2 Norman Special C Coup G Geo V1 WW2 George Special C Davidge W A Geo V1 WW2 William Special C Davys H T Geo V1 WW2 Harold Special C Dodd C N Geo V1 WW2 Charles Special C Farnsworth H F Geo V1 WW2 Herbert Special C Forsyth A Geo V1 WW2 Alexander Special C Forsyth D G Geo V1 WW2 Duncan Special C Giblin J Geo V1 WW2 James Special C James E Geo V1 WW2 Ernest Special C Johnson N D Geo V1 WW2 Norman Special C Jones T G Geo V1 WW2 Thomas Special C Johnson H L Geo V1 WW2 Howard Special C Lake G D Geo V1 WW2 George Special C Lamprey E J Geo V1 WW2 Edwin Special C Miles G W Geo V1 WW2 Gordon Special C Nanson J M Geo V1 WW2 James Special C Newton F Geo V1 WW2 Fred Special C Robinson G Geo V1 WW2 Geoffrey Special C Seller E S Geo V1 WW2 Edgar Special C Smeaton D Geo V1 WW2 Donald Special C Snelgrove F F Geo V1 WW2 Francis Special C West H Geo V1 WW2 Harry
  8. Hi there, Thanks for the information. Is there any luck with the other two:- Alfred Edward Eddolls (George VI) and George Frederick Wallis (George VI). Cheers, Alan
  9. Hi there, Could you tell me if there is a site/list where I can look up Special Constable, Long Service Medals going back from George V to present day? I am a member of Ancestry.com but nothing seems to come up with the searches. Cheers, Alan
  10. Hi there, I have only joined today!! I have been trying to look up some persons who's Imperial Service Medals I have and don't seem to get on the correct pages via the L G I'm also a member of Ancestry.com. Can you help the names are as follows. George Ward Thomson QE2 Watson Bain QE2 George Frederick Wallis George V1 Alfred Edward Eddolls George V1 Henry James Evans George V Alan