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  1. To all gentlemen! This man was my father who I adored. It saddens me to think that parts of his uniform were sold on Ebay. At one stage all his prize possessions were put into 2 large green garbage bags, imagine the horror in that, imagine what anyone would feel........I gave my solemn promise to him after that, that I would always keep his memories safe and display them with pride, which I do. So be glad for what you have managed to gain as no other items will be parted with. http://www.heavenaddress.com/funeral-notice/T/brig-David-Henry-Crompton/390893/obituary.aspx Thank you.
  2. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/ipad/obits-tributes-to-three-of-our-finest/story-fn6bqvxz-1226036060939 Try this link
  3. I knew this man fairly well. What information did you want to know? Curious how his ribbon bars made a home in UK!