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    1. Hi , just got this one , a Liberty Cross 4th class wo swords 1939 ? medal for Winter War 39/40 , medal for war 41/44 , Austrian Decoration of honour in Gold, French Legion of Honour Officer, Sweden North Star Commander. I tried to find the guy through the Northern Star Commander Order , I have the names of 78 Finnish recipients , but no match so far The search goes on
    2. Here is a new miniature chain , a noncombattant in 1864 war but fought in 1870/71 war and then a 1897 medal. What do you think is missing ? Some award from another country 🤔
    3. This is an quite interesting chain of miniatures , First he was in The Independence War 1918 , i guess not as an officer because no Liberty Cross , But Medal 2nd class 1918 and commerative medal with Rose and two battle bars He also has the Helsinki commerative Medal 1918-1938 so probably he was in the fight for the Capital. He joined the Civil Guard and got the Merit Medal , he also has the Blue Cross with Bar 1917-1918 fpr servid during the war. Then he got the com medal for the Winter War 1939-1940 so in some way he was in this war too. But last but not least he was in the 8th Division during the continuation war 1941-1944 , he also got the Pro Benignitate Humana , about 4500 medals was given to foreigners for helping Finland during the 1941-45 wars, but only about 800 to Finnish people. I wonder who he was , to bad he is not possible to identify ....
    4. Yes , thank you after looking more closely it is really dark blue and green . So Inda General Service 👍 Christer
    5. Found this long forgotten ribbon bar in my collection BWM, Victory M , ? And LSM Police ? But what is the green/ black ribbon for ? Anyone Christer
    6. : can´t see any silver marks , but it looks like silver
    7. A seven medal mini bar with someone from Stockholm who helped Finland in some way during second World War ( last medal) And a Six medal bar , with medals from the Swedish Homeguard and a Sword Order Another five medals bar , no possible to id like most of theese with common medals This is a little more interesting , both the Order of North Star and the Finnish White Rose is made of gold . Probably to little to id , but still nice Last one for today is also interesting , belonging to a member of Royal Court , some low grade servant.
    8. The man in the right is Alfred Kehrer , on of the lucky U-Boat men who survived. Photo taken sept 15 1945 in a pow camp in USA. Alfred was ombord U-971 when the sub was sunk in English Channel June 24 1944. U-971 was a type VIIC launched feb 1943, had only one patrol, June 1944...
    9. Here is Franz Cohnitz , the man on the far left ( no 1) Not very good pic , but I will see if I can find a better one Christer
    10. Dr Friedrich Börgermann Mar Ob Ass Arzt. The photo is taken in April 1939 , when he belonged to 1-R Flotiile , later he was ombord U-860 when she was sunk on her first patrol 1944. There was 20 survivors, Dr Börgermann wasnt one of them….
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