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  1. Have this photo in my collection, could anyone tell of its a Gotha 242 Glider ? Must be quite unusual , I haven’t found another 🤔
  2. Two friends in the U-boat service who survived the war against all odds Left is MaschGefr HelmutGremerath , he was ombord U-131 when she was sunk by her own crew after being hit by depth charges in December 1941 and he become pow. Right is Heinz Langen MaschMaat on U-312 she surrended in May 1945 and was later sunk as target by HMS Onslow in November 1945. The man sitting in the conning tower ombord U-117 is FregattenKapitän Hans Werner Neumann U-117 was a type XB minelayer U-boat of which only eight was built. She sank only one ship , Empire Morn 7092 brt. Empire Morn sank April 25th 1943 and one of the victims ombord was Raymond Steed who was the youngest kille in service only 14 years and 207 days old... U-117 with Hans-Werner Neumann and all her crew went missing Aug 7 1943.
  3. This card show two matrosen ombord U-3018 a type XXI uboat. The boat entréer service January 1945 and was scuttled by her own crew May 2nd 1945. A matrosen from U-336, picture taken in Kiel 1942. U-336 was sunk in Denmark strait October 5th 1943 by tickets from a Lockheed Hudson, all ombord was killed. Another crew member from U-618. A type VIIC u boat in service April 1942. She was sunk by depht charges in Biscaya August 14th 1944, no survivors.
  4. And here is Oblt z See Gunther Freudenberg , he was ombord U 536 when she was sunk Nov 20th 1943. He survived and become POW
  5. Can anyone id the type of Gun mounted on the halftrack ? AA Gun or is it a Anti Tank 37 mm pak christer
  6. And last for now a happy survivor , MaschMtr Walter Hach , the pic show him as an POW in Canada 1945 He looks quite alright. U 190 sunk one of the last ships in WW 2 April 16th 1945 HMCS Esquimalt. The submarine surrended May 14 1945 and the crew become POW in Canada.
  7. Anyone else collecting U Boat photos , I especially collect photos of crew members . Here are a couple of Photos . The man on the right was Obermaschinist Friedrich Iffinger , and the other man is probably Willi Büttner , pic should be taken on U 561 early 1943 Willi Büttner was a man with luck , he left U 561 for Marineschule in Flensburg and was later on U 1229 which was sunk South East of Newfoundland Aug 20th 1944, he was the only surviving officer. U 561 the boat he left was sunk in the Straits of Messina July 12th 1943 with only 5 survivors, his friend Friedrich Iffinger was not one of them. The other Photo is of another unlucky member of U 561 , Bootsmaat Walter Gillo, he went down with the submarine after it had been hit by an torpedo from the British MTB-81 Another pic shows some of the crew on U 354 , probably after a patrol Maschinenmaat Albert Kern from Forcheim was one of the crew. U 354 was sunk by depth charges from the British HMS Mermaid and HMS Loch Dunvegan Aug 29th 1944 all hands was lost on the sub. I haven´t find anything saying that Albert Kern died then , so probably he left for another boat before the fatal day.
  8. Wow , Thanks for the pic Johan , interesting to get a picture to the name. " Villa Waldeck" is an interesting name for a house in Sweden Must see if I can find any more info about this man . Thanks again
  9. Is there anyone who have info about the Waldeck Merit order ? What I can find the Merit Order 4th class wo Swords was awarded 1896-1918 400-450 times. Not very common at all , and what I until now have discovered is that at least two Swedish got the Order One was Knut Badhe working for the Royal Court in Sweden , and he had a lot of different orders .... And this guy Forrester Carl Reinhold Hullström born 1862 , he got a RVO in 1901 ? ( Swedish Vasa Order) , Preuss Crown Order 1901-1903 sometime and in 1914 he had the WFO 4 ( Waldeck Meit Order 4th class. I wonder what connection with Waldeck he had , who got him the order ? He has now disappeared in the fog of history , but hes miniature orders is still here. Christer
  10. Here is a LW General with RK , no name on the back, but I guess it is Paul Conrath ? Or has anyone other suggestions … And the officer on the right looks almost like Adolf Galland Maybe a unknown twin brother? 😆
  11. I wonder about this Photo, on the back it’s written ” 21.III.41 Belica” And what I could find out there was not many LW units in Belica, Bulgaria in March 1941. And as he is holder of the RK could it be Max Ibel , JG 27 in the picture ?
  12. Found this phot of a Bulgarian ? Officer with quite nice collection of awards Christer
  13. Hi , I have the names and dates for all Finnish awarded 1919-1936 ( 1st type) that is 230 names , (Forgot to write that the numbers is for Commander 1st class.) Commander is more often awarded of course) During the same time 477 was awarded to foreigners , so twice as many outside Finland. Will look if I can find something online Here is something about the Order in English https://www.ritarikunnat.fi/images/flipbook/guide/mobile/index.html#p=39 All the best from Sweden Christer
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