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  1. It was 'liberated' at the Palace of Gidaffii after the revolution.
  2. Bit of background: I used to live in Tobruk. Dad was RAF. Over the last few years I have been a member of the RAF Tobruk facebook group. I have made contact and frendship with a few Libians that where involved with the British at the time. One of them has asked me to value a medal he has tracked down. It was awarded to King Idris by HRH Queen Elizibeth . But he has no provinonce to prove this I do beleive him. But without proof it's just another OBE. What value would something like this have. He's tryign to save it before anything happens in that Area.
  3. Also noted they served in Ireland in 1920s Would there have been a medal issued for this operation ?
  4. I know some of the 10th Hussars where deployed there. I wounder if a GSM would have been issued
  5. Turns out that picture may be his brother Fredrick who wa sin the 18th Hussars
  6. Told these where Jersey Island defence force badges.
  7. Just found this in a box of bits I had.
  8. Lookg for the correct medals for someone who served in the British Army in India (NWP) 1930 and Egypt in 1929 Thanks
  9. <---- Goatie and Tash have now gone :(
  10. I thnink he woulkd have had at least 'Pip Squeek and Wilfred' and a wounded medal. Maybe somethng for something in between the wars and then some for WW2 , but not the ones that where issued after the end. That would be silly :)
  11. Hello there and thanks for the ad. Reason I have joined is my Great Uncle was in XRH in WW1, His name was Charles Carratt*, He was killed in Ypres 23/10/1914. http://www.cwgc.org/search/casualty_details.aspx?casualty=1605960 I have a photo of him in dress uniform and the letter from the King on his death. I am Ex Army myself and have got involved in the local Re Enactment Society. I want to bring Charles back to life in a way and portray him as if he would have survived and gone on to serve in the XRH. So I'm trying to find out service dress, insignia and details that would be handy to me. The period I'm portraying him in is around 1944 after the North Africa campaign. Hes was injured in Africa and sent home as trainning staff at the rank of RMS. SO Uniform details and insignia around these dates. 1st Armoured Div. I have these insignia sorted. Any help welcome. Thanks. * I have the same name.
  12. I want to learn Tuvan Throat Singing

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