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    My military collectibles interest center mainly around;
    Imperial Germany -Tsingtau, China during WWI...Document/award groups.
    Imperial Germany -Pilots or Observers...Document/award groups.
    Imperial Germany -uncommon awards and identifiable medal bars/groups.
    Imperial Germany -Afrika or Pacific during WWI.
    Imperial Russian -Awards/medals and medal bars.

    " if you have something like this FOR SALE, please let me know!

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  1. Looks great! I really like the direction you are taking. Are those boards "finished". if so, maybe refinishing them with a FLAT finish will cut down the glare. Either that, or use a diffuser on your light source.
  2. Hello Glenn;

    You were recommended to me as a great source for information and photos on German generals. 

    Are there any photos of Major-General Ernst Roessler?  

    He was an Oberst in 1912 with IR of Voigts-Rhetz #79(3rd Hanover) and reached the rank of Major General by WWI.  

    Please feel free to PM me.

    Thank you,


    1. Glenn J

      Glenn J

      Hi Claudius,

      unfortunately at this moment in time I do not have an image of General Roessler. Should I acquire one, I will of course pass it on to you.



    2. Claudius


      Hello Glenn;

      Thank you for looking!  As I said, you came recommended as a great source on German Generals.  If you don't have him, then I can understand that it's likely there isn't any publicly available sources that has a photo of him.

      Thank you again for looking.



  3. My condolences to Tim Eriksen's family. The first time we meet at a military show when he overheard my conversation with a dealer. I was just budding my knowledge in the Orders and was looking to fill the missing award on a medal bar. When the dealer couldn't help me, Tim jumped into action and ascertained the correct Saxon Civil Merit Cross. After exchanging information and payment, Tim located and sent me the Cross. Friendly, professional and above all, helpful. I'm sad that I will have no chance to see him again.
  4. Very nice. Can we get a clear close-up of the badge? Although the badge is very unique, I was noticing the watch! I wonder what model it is?
  5. "I collect Air Force ribbon bars. " -YES you do!! Great collection of identified Luftwaffe bars with WWI (and earlier) service. And these are just the ones with a Saxon connection?
  6. or, the 14-15 Star to a 36th Sikh would enhance a Tsingtao collection. Like mine! ...just kidding. I'm just collecting german/axis groups who were in Tsingtao during the siege. But I am keeping an eye out for a Japanese group who fought there.
  7. Wonderful bar Claudio! But I especially like that you have the gentleman's significant career dates with battle history and award dates. I sympathize with the "Qualifikations-Bericht". I don't know what it is suppose to communicate. It almost looks like a letter...to outline his qualifications to the promotions personnel? Might have to send those pages to a devoted Sutterlin translator.
  8. TWO Saxe-Ernistine House-Orders on one bar!! Wow! And congratulations on finding the original picture. If you ever want to sell both the bar and the picture I would be glad to buy it.
  9. This is an interesting hanger for the miniatures. How is that slit used to attach the hanger to a uniform or dress coat?
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