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    My military collectibles interest center mainly around;
    Imperial Germany -Tsingtau, China during WWI...Document/award groups.
    Imperial Germany -Pilots or Observers...Document/award groups.
    Imperial Germany -uncommon awards and identifiable medal bars/groups.
    Imperial Germany -Afrika or Pacific during WWI.
    Imperial Russian -Awards/medals and medal bars.

    " if you have something like this FOR SALE, please let me know!

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  1. Hello; I would like to thank everyone for their input, links and information pertaining this medal bar and the gentleman that owned it. I found all of your insights valuable in addressing this interesting and complex medal bar and its owner.
  2. Hello, This combination is extraordinary. Or is it too good to be true? And if so, is it identifiable?
  3. Ahh, thanks. The addition of the coins looks great!
  4. I posted this bar some time ago. Do you need photos posted directly to this thread or will this link be sufficient? WGMMM w/Lubeck 4-medal bar - Germany: Imperial: The Orders, Decorations and Medals of The Imperial German States - Gentleman's Military Interest Club (gmic.co.uk) Since the last post to the above thread, have there been any updates to the award lists that might further narrow the list of possible recipients?
  5. These were my observations as well. He was 15 years with Bavarians and then served in a different unit? Transfered or moved prior to WWI? Or with the Bavarians he didn't even earn a BMVK. The gent was obviously proud of what he did get by mounting them through Godet (from Berlin!). Maybe he was still in uniform after the war and acting some governmental capacity that he needed his bar to look perfect. That is a really nice medal bar! Thanks for showing it.
  6. Sorry, late to this thread. What a nifty looking device. Look at all those hallmarks and silvermarks! On the underside and on each of the coin holders. If I understand them correctly, you can trace down the manufacturer and the exact year it was made with them. I see it was engraved on the top and underneath by two different owners that used it at different time periods?
  7. Trying to find a photo when you are just starting with the name is a lot like Pin-the-tail-on-the-Donkey. Much easier to go from a named photo to the POW rolls. Why the interest in Heinrich Müldner? Very interesting -I see he was a Translator in training and knew 13 languages!
  8. None that I'm aware of. Only in a humorous fashion we are trying to find other uses for fake medals. Sadly, they do come up very regularly and the in the past it was suggested that they would be better used as; inexpensive collector's copies, costume jewelry or on a reenactor's uniform. Don't take it personally. I once bought a Naval Observer's badge that I was sure was real. I even bought it from a recognized dealer and it also had maker-marks and purity marks that would convince any lightly knowledgeable person. It was a bad badge and I had to limp back to the seller to get my mon
  9. What I found strange is the article reference that the looters haven't reached the tunnel yet, however after tossing aside rusted trench items they haven't gotten to the "treasure trove". What do they consider the treasure? The body remains in decayed uniforms? Rifles, bayonets and other gear in rotted condition? Do they think that there are some helmets in good enough condition to be valuable?
  10. Discovering WW1 tunnel of death hidden in France for a century - BBC News
  11. Thank you. When I was looking at number 8, it looked like there is something above the cross. I couldn't make it out very well.
  12. What a great looking medal bar! I wish I could see some good color photos of that. Any idea where it is now? Still with the family? I couldn't zoom in very well. What is number 8 and 9?
  13. I had no idea that there were so many copies available. In the deep past I had to look a long time for my Volume I and I thought they were still hard to find.
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