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    carluke,south lanarkshire
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    scottish regiments,collecting plaid brooches,waist clasps,shoulder belt plates,,railway modelling, clyde steamers, architecture ,old glasgow.
  1. cameronians

    Unknown badge

    This badge is of "the scottish rifles" worn by the second battalion the cameronians ,(the old 90th perthshire), the 1st batt.wore the mullet star ,bugle and laurel wreath in thistles around.
  2. cameronians

    74th foot ?

    i would not consider these items to be origonal,they do not follow tthe accepted patterns and would appear to be restrikes.
  3. cameronians

    belt plates

    pity really, some militaria sites are selling these and others as genuine xbelt plates at expensive prices,another is the 74th highlanders.. be aware!!. by cameronian..