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    All things military focusing on the Army in particulr the Royal Tank Regiment (I was in 4RTR nfor 12 years BAOR)
  1. anyone got a decent picture of the 4th guards armoured brigade badge I need a good copy to have a plaque made
  2. Guys in the end speagle was right it is 2 bn Cameronians scottish rifles there is a pic on the regimantal web page
  3. wow I often wonder if Smuts is still there I'm told its not
  4. thanks for the info Borderer were you by chance KOSB? and by greater chance in Berlin in 1972/3? I was with A sqdn 4RTR in Smuts barracks attached to KSOB medical centre
  5. Thanks for the discussion guys can anyone give me an authority or reference to look up this badge I want to sell it on but would like to be sure of my facts I have various reference books ie Kipling and King, thanks for your help Doug
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