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  1. The Police Reserve Air Wing (PRAW) was officially established on 1st July 1957, as posted in Force Order 213/57; whereby licensed light aircraft owners (and others suitably qualified), who were members of the Police Reserve, undertook Police flying duties as required. All aircraft were assigned the callsign ‘Copper’ followed by a number, sets of which were allocated for each flight (01 and 02 being reserved for the Unit Commander and Deputy Commander respectively). Here is my collection of PRAW insignia. I wrote an article on the unit that was published in Medal News Feb 2008, regards Wayne
  2. guBulawayo

    BSAP Headgear

    Jeff, your Supt would have worn a cap, S.D. drab (as per your 'other ranks cap'), with an embroidered commissioned officers cap badge (no braiding on the peak which was only for officers from the rank of Assistant Commissioner), as per the photo below - Regards Wayne
  3. guBulawayo

    Rhodesian Buttons

    No problem, thanks Stuka
  4. guBulawayo

    Rhodesian Buttons

    Hi Stuka, I am not necessarily looking to acquire buttons, but to see what other collectors have in case they have buttons I do not, which I would like to list in my database. If you can send pics of your Rhodesian collection for me to see that would be great please, I can send you an email address to send them to if you prefer, cheers Wayne
  5. guBulawayo

    Rhodesian Buttons

    Thanks Mervyn, I know Dudley's work, I am looking to build on these with more info about makers, materials, period of use, etc. Regards Wayne
  6. guBulawayo

    Rhodesian Buttons

    Stuka thats the whole idea of this post - Buttons
  7. guBulawayo

    Rhodesian Buttons

    Hi Chris - Actually the 'now' looks worse really as I have split that sheet into two sheets for daily handling so just on thick card not the foam board as above - though they are now in better order with similar designs together, etc - I have another seven or eight similar boards with other Rhodesian buttons
  8. guBulawayo

    Rhodesian Buttons

    Hi Stuka, happy to have a look at whatever Rhodesian stuff you have if possible, just to see whats out there mainly. I am working through the one or two references I have and hope to put together some notes on the various buttons - Wayne
  9. guBulawayo

    Rhodesian Buttons

    Are there any collectors of Rhodesian uniform buttons on this group? I would like to swap notes with anyone who does. I have a collection of around 300 different buttons so far (diff units, sizes, makers mark, material etc), military and non military such as schools, clubs, conpanies, etc - Photo below shows my BSAP collection before I re mounted it - Regards Wayne.
  10. Hi Mervyn - 5850 Vincent retired as a Superintendent in 1980 - His retirement notice is in The Outpost April 1980 p.27 Regards Wayne