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  1. I have some old pre 94 SAP uniforms with different style nameplates. Both are brass colored with the name in blue enamel. One has just the name, while the other has a small pre 94 RSA flag next to the name. Anyone have any information to narrow down the time frames when these different variations were used? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your interest in my uniform pictures. Gordon- the preceding rank in the old BSAP rank structure was Chief Inspector, which had 3 pips as its rank insignia. This would account for 2 extra sets of holes on the shoulder boards, so I think you are right that they are an indication of increase in rank. It's always seemed curious to me -as an American- that officers uniforms from British and other Commonwealth forces use lug-attachments for rank insignia, thereby requiring holes be permanently made in the uniform, rather than pin-on rank insignia, which is interchangeable. Paul- I have some other BSAP uniform items, as well as a few other uniforms from British colonial police forces which I will post some pictures of. Thanks for your interest.
  3. From my collection, a uniform of an officer of Superintendent rank of the Zimbabwe Republic Police. The label in the uniform is mostly faded, but "Salisbury 1974" is still visible. Also, it came with a pair of BSAP shoulder titles and Superintendent rank insignia. I am guessing, therefore, that it's original owner was an officer of the BSAP who stayed on past the transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe. The cap is not original to the uniform and was purchased separately. I believe it is correct for the rank and time period, but if anyone has any information to the contrary, I would be glad to know.
  4. Mickey-- Thanks very much for your reply!
  5. I have 2 old South African Police bush jacket style tunics. They are both made of a corduroy type material, and although they appear mostly identical, one is more of a gray- blue in color, while the other is more of a true blue in color. The bluer of the two is also pleated in the back, while the grayer one is not. The bluer tunic has a manufacturer's label with a date of 1983. The grayer tunic does not have any date marking I can find. Does anyone with any knowledge of old South African Police uniforms have any information regarding the significance of the different colors of these otherwise similar uniforms? Thanks very much
  6. Thanks for the replies. Chris: see close up photo of the patch
  7. This sounds like a similar situation as we have in the United States with respect to "badge numbers." The number prominently displayed on an officers badge in most police agencies is usually not the same as the officer's individual identification number assigned when he /she is appointed to the force. The badge number is unique to the badge, which is often reused and reissued over the years, whereas I don't think officers individual identification numbers are ever reused or reissued. Also, the number on the badge can be traced back to the officer, so it is a way for the public to identify an officer by the number on his badge
  8. I am trying to date this Rhodesisn BSAP police uniform. Does anyone have any information about which time period this uniform would have been issued and worn? Thanks.
  9. I have in my collection a BSAP uniform consisting of khaki short sleeve bush jacket and khaki shorts. The uniform has the rank insignia of Superintendant. I would like to assemble the proper headgear to complete the uniform. I have already a BSAP "other ranks" peaked cap (olive green, with blue band and gold BSAP insignia). Would an officer of the rank of Superintendant simply use the same cap with an officers bullion cap device in place of the standard gold metal BSAP device? Of note, the uniform has insignia from the post-UDI period. Interestingly, It also came wih a compete set of ZRP insignia, so I imagine the original owner went through the transition. Now finding a ZRP officers cap device would be a whole other story......... Thanks very much, -Jeff
  10. ocpd71

    French Tunic ID

    No markings whatsoever anywhere on the tunic. I have included some close up pictures of the collar and the pockets, as well as pictures of the inside and back of the tunic. Thanks again for any information to help ID this tunic.
  11. ocpd71

    French Tunic ID

    Im trying to ID the tunic in the attached photos. It has no labels or markings of any kind, and all insignia and buttons have been removed. It is of a "khaki drill" type material. Im told its a French tropical tunic from WWII. Any information about this uniform will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I recently bought a Soviet "Ushanka" style hat in the blue/gray "fish fur' material. The markings inside the hat appear to indicate the hat is dated 1990. The device the hat came with is a red and gold enameled hammer and sickle in a red star surrounded by a gold wreath. I have no idea if the device is original or not. From pictures I have seen of Soviet soldiers from the late 80's, they seem to be wearing the same hat device, or else a similar device of just the red star without the surrounding wreath. I would like to have the hat in a period correct configuration, but Im confused by the different hat devices. Any input is well appreciated.
  13. Dave - I dont have any expertise on Detroit Police badges, however you should know that it is common for police officers to purchase a "second" or "duplicate" badge on their own, in addition to the badge they are issued by their department. These duplictate badges are of equal quality, or often superior qulauity to the originally issued badge. With these badges it is important to distinguish between reproductions which are pure "fakes", and reproductions which are real police badges, privately purchased by officers.
  14. Thanks for the replies. Ive managed to find the collar devices, and Im now keping an eye out for the insignia for the epaulettes. Can anyone explain what exactly was worn on the epaulettes. Some pictures Ive seen show a letter over some numbers. -Jeff
  15. I recently won a RUC uniform tunic in an online auction. The tunic is dark green, with 4 pockets and epaulettes, and silver buttons with the RUC coat of arms. It has no other insignia. Ive been looking at pictures of RUC members on the internet and youtube videos to try to get an idea of what kinds of circumstances this uniform would have been worn. In pictures from the time when the RUC was operational, all the members appear to be wearing body armor over their uniforms, and I am not able to tell what kind of uniform is underneath. So what I am trying to determine is; is the uniform I have a uniform which would have been worn on the street and in the field, or rather a uniform that would have been reserved for more formal or ceremonial occasions. I apologize for not posting a picture of the tunic, but I am not able to upload pictures yet. Thanks for any information. -Jeff
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